Peace, Peace, Peace

I walked around with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace

Please, please, please

Would someone show me Peace?

I met a boy and I asked him

If he had any Peace

He said, “I only have a little drum for a toy

I play it all the time

It helps the day pass away

But Peace? No, Sir. I haven’t heard of that toy

You might as well go ahead and ask some other boy”

I went ahead with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace

Please, please, please

Would someone give me Peace?

I met a young lady

Walking with her man

Happy and smiling

She must know Peace then

I asked her if she knew where I could find Peace

“Peace?”, she said, “I only know Stan

Why would I keep tabs about any other man?

But if you are looking for a lost friend

You might find him in that shrine

Everyone finds everything there”

I went to the shrine with a gun in my hand

Looking for Peace

Please, please, please

Would someone bring me Peace?

I looked around the shrine

There was nobody there but me

And my faithful shadow

Who refused to leave

The winds made the bells ring

My heart began to beat

I sat there with Silence

While I threw my gun away

My shadow left to grab it

Peace came to stay

92 thoughts on “Peace, Peace, Peace

  1. Thanks! Peace, peace, peace. Loved the poem! Some people spend their whole lives disacknowledging their shadow selves instead of absorbing it and dealing with it. The answer to peace is ‘being it’ and letting go of what keeps you stuck.

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  2. It’s easy to see why you have so many followers. Thought-provoking work draws people in. I am looking forward to exploring more if your blog entries. Thanks for your click on my “JanBeek” – Love One Another.

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  3. Hi, its mee again. Hardest stuff in poesy is (now why is this not plural? “Stuff” refers to plural! But No! I need a grammar master n I gotta do away w/parens!) …is refrains n pantoums. You nailed the refrain!

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  4. Very inventive! Look fwd to read more. Course my stuff is antique form, new subject. I believe I am sola in my niche! Really meter/rhyme + big words best n humor i seem to be one of few that fits in humor! Now all i gotta do is feel somting humorous! Warmest, n thanx! Mary

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