Why Catch A Plane?

Why sing your own praises
When the birds can sing for you?
Why build more bridges
When the world is built for you?
Why paint a picture
When the sun casts its hue?
Why go to a teacher
When Nature beckons to you?
Why run an endless race
When the breeze blows for you?
Why catch a plane
When your spirit flies for you?

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Thinking Of You

Early morning when I get up from my bed
Your thoughts are spinning circles in my head
It’s these thoughts that get me through every day
Even at night they refuse to go away

I’m in class and I steal a look at you
It’s become my favourite silly-thing to do
I know you’ve caught me once or maybe twice
And then your smile has made me feel so nice

After school I go home all on my own
Hoping you’d ask me why I am walking alone
A hundred times I’ve run it in my mind
But no good answer I seem to find

At home I hardly ever seem to talk
Mom and Dad plan to send me to a doc
They worry when there is really nothing to
All I am doing is thinking of you

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She Loves Me

Her love is bigger than all the jewels adorning the queen
She loves me more than a star loves to gleam
Her love is larger than all the love that I have ever seen
She loves me more than a poet loves to dream
Her love is greater than heaven and hell and everything in between
She loves me as much as I love her it seems

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Love Me Madly

Love me
Love me like the lightning loves the thunder
Like the mind loves the wonder
Love me, love me so
Like the snow loves the mountains
Like the naughty water loves the fountains
Love me, won’t you love me so?
Love me like there’s no tomorrow
Like the winter loves the sorrow
Love me, love me now
Like a child’s love for chocolate
Unconditional and affectionate
Love me darling, love me
Like the victor loves the gloating
Like the tummy loves the bloating
Love me, love me, love me
Love me like a miser loves his money
Like the bees love their honey
Love me, sting me
Like a lion loves the roaring
Like the clouds love the pouring
Love me, love me more
Like the hearts that love the beating
Like a house loves the heating
Love me, love me always
Like the way I want you badly
Like the way I love you madly
Love me, love me

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I Won’t Let Death Come Close

I’ll shut all the windows, bolt all the doors
Seal all the holes in the roof and the floors
In my arms you for ever I’ll enclose
But I won’t let that fiendish Death come close

I’ll shut down all the lights and silence there will be
So it never detects your presence here with me
I’ll stay up all night if such a need arose
But I won’t let that devilish Death come close

Whether it be day or night or the blazing noon
Whether it be May or March or the balmy June
Whether in the guise of Hel or Kali or in the form of Thanatos
I won’t let that infernal Death come close

I’ll protect you from all harm, risk and injury
Keep you safe from its sniff and artillery
As long as life runs from my head to my toes
I won’t let that menacing Death come close

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The Dark Factory

Across the street is a factory
Where no sunlight ever falls
No lights they need to work
There’s darkness throughout

Inside the factory I am told
Nobody has dared to step
Those who did never returned
The secret’s kept intact

Despite the clear red flags I
See people every day
Try to figure out the mystery
That lies behind its door

Nights I spend wondering
What could possibly be inside
Days I spend controlling
The urge to knock at the door

Yet today I could hold it no more
The mystery has got to my head
My heart, my brain, my legs
All led me to that doorstep

I flashed my torch around
The place was filled with bottles
There must be thousands of them
Or maybe millions; I am not sure

On a long conveyor belt
The labelled bottles stood open
Sluggardly tiny black drops
Pour forth from a machine above

What were these drops made of?
The liquid was as dark as coal
It had a sickening putrid smell
I chose not to taste it

I felt a hand upon my shoulder
I’ve been expecting you — she said
She led me by the hand
To a far end of the factory

Here all the bottles were filled and closed
She pointed to one of them
And asked me to read the label
I did; it had my name on it

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Weather Forecast For Tomorrow

The weather forecast for tomorrow
Predicts a spell of heavy rain
Red clouds will line up in the sky
Pour forth a heavy dose of pain

Roses will drop in every street
Gardens will wear a glorious crown
But let every man be warned to
Not go roaming ’round in town

For every dainty flower falling
Will be equipped with a thorn
That will bleed you to your death
Before the rise of the next day morn’

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A Poem From 2084

The world is getting hotter and
The sun burns with a rage
My dad claims it’s a punishment
To live in this day and age

I suffer my ancestors’ past
Who left this world a mess
Waved red flags but reveled
Momentarily nevertheless

They wore face-masks I am told
For a brief period or so
Found it highly inconvenient
To inhale or to blow

I wonder how those folks would have
Survived in this atrocity
When we dare not step outside
Without a full-body PPE

Well I guess what’s done is done
Who is and is not to blame
Now that no new child is born
We’ll be the last to play this game

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