Game Over!

The more I live, the more I believe

That we are all part of a videogame

That there are levels some of us may never reach

Hidden areas and secrets, unknown powers and potentials — things we may never know

That God holds the joystick and controls everything

That we are mere characters for amusement

And all we have is one life


Let Hope Rain From The Skies

I am lonely. I am broken

With every lie that there is spoken

Now my life is full of lies

Let hope rain now from the skies

Every mistake I’ve ever made

Every friend that I’ve betrayed

Have come to haunt in guise

Let hope rain now from the skies

I am hurting. I am bleeding

Every step of mine’s misleading

Every night my old heart cries

Let hope rain now from the skies

The road to freedom seems so long

Every choice I make is wrong

Getting closer to my demise

Let hope rain now from the skies

I am scarred and I am burning

Every pain I’ve known is returning

Is it time to say goodbyes?

Let hope rain now from the skies


Mom, I feel so tiny

When I look at the endless sky

Will I ever grow up?

Watch intimately the birds fly?

Mom, I feel so tiny

Helpless and insignificant

Is there no magic potion

To speed up the adolescents?

Mom, I feel so tiny

A misfit on this giant Earth

Looking at the stars above

Contemplating my righteous worth

Mom, I feel so tiny

Respond to my questions and qualms

Do all the children have to

Follow the lines on their little palms?

“Do not worry,” Mommy said

Her eyes filled with a lot of pain

“Once you happen to grow up

You’d wish to be a child again”

Hurry Up, 2019

Hurry up, Twenty Nineteen
Don’t you make me wait
Eighteen was terrible
I need to change my fate
I’ve made some resolutions
I’ve drawn a proper list
There would be no changes
There would be no twist
I’d like to quit my drinkin’
Get off the damned cigar
Learn a brand new hobby
Buy my favourite car
I wanna write a book
Learn to play the guitar
Meet Trump, Modi, Merkel
The Queen and the Tsar
So come on Twenty Nineteen
Come on show your face
I hope that you’d be better
Eighteen was a disgrace
I’d like to be a bit smarter
A bit wiser than before
But not before I see you
Walk in through that door