Be Not Afraid Of Death

Son, be not afraid of Death

‘Tis my advice to you

Life will hurt you more

Than Death could ever hope to


A Drop Fell From A Cloud

A drop fell from a cloud

A fruit fell from a tree

A tear dropped from your eye

Then I wasn’t me

I tasted that tiny drop

Bit off that fallen fruit

Wiped that tear with happiness

Then I became me


Mom, I feel so tiny

When I look at the endless sky

Will I ever grow up?

Watch intimately the birds fly?

Mom, I feel so tiny

Helpless and insignificant

Is there no magic potion

To speed up the adolescents?

Mom, I feel so tiny

A misfit on this giant Earth

Looking at the stars above

Contemplating my righteous worth

Mom, I feel so tiny

Respond to my questions and qualms

Do all the children have to

Follow the lines on their little palms?

“Do not worry,” Mommy said

Her eyes filled with a lot of pain

“Once you happen to grow up

You’d wish to be a child again”

Hurry Up, 2019

Hurry up, Twenty Nineteen
Don’t you make me wait
Eighteen was terrible
I need to change my fate
I’ve made some resolutions
I’ve drawn a proper list
There would be no changes
There would be no twist
I’d like to quit my drinkin’
Get off the damned cigar
Learn a brand new hobby
Buy my favourite car
I wanna write a book
Learn to play the guitar
Meet Trump, Modi, Merkel
The Queen and the Tsar
So come on Twenty Nineteen
Come on show your face
I hope that you’d be better
Eighteen was a disgrace
I’d like to be a bit smarter
A bit wiser than before
But not before I see you
Walk in through that door

The Child In You

Look outside your window. Look up at the sky
Do you see an octopus and three little pigs that fly?
Is there a one-eyed witch with fifty nine tails
Casting a spell on a bandit and his thirty five snails?
Do you see a fiery knight in his dark armour
Playing chess with the young daughter of a farmer?
Is it raining donuts and chocolates from the skies?
A giant rooster and a hamster share a thousand eyes
Did lightning burn the bridge between heaven and hell?
Are the angels of outer space feeling unwell?
You don’t see anything? Have you got your glasses on?
Wait a minute. Have I been talking to a grown-up all along?