You’ll Find Magic Everywhere

Open your eyes if you care
You’ll find magic everywhere
Magic in the trees that grow
Magic in the falling snow
Magic in the gentle breeze
Magic in the stinging bees
Magic in a baby’s laugh
In a yellow tall giraffe
Magic in the morning light
In the darkness of the night
Magic in a friend we trust
In a bookshelf full of dust
Magic in the texts you send
In a free-from-work weekend
Magic in the drops of rain
In the chugging of a train
Magic in the bed you lay
Magic in the songs you play
Magic in the clouds above
Magic in the thing called love
If you see these things as plain
You must surely be insane

The Law Of Non-Conservation Of Hatred

Hatred, unlike energy, can be destroyed

When you hurt someone you are trying to get rid of the hatred within you by passing it on to the victim
Hatred need not be transformed from one form to another

When you bully a junior because you were bullied as a junior
When you kick your wife because you are biologically stronger
When you post a racist comment against a footballer because he missed a penalty
When you hit your child because you were beaten as a child
When you humble your maid because she can’t humble you back
You are revealing the hatred within you
Hatred need not be transferred from one human to another

That hatred or sadness or despair or negativity or anger or frustration is within you and is looking for a way out
Every time you mock, insult, humiliate, demean, disrespect, offend, abuse, wound, spite, harm, damage, ridicule or mistreat someone you are simply shifting your hatred

Respect your junior, love your spouse and child, appreciate the footballer, be kind to your maid
Destroy the hatred, don’t pass it on
The total hatred of an isolated system need not be constant

I Know I Was Once A Star

I know I was once a star
Shining brightly in the sky afar
From Earth the children looked at me
Gazed in awe, admiringly

I glowed in space with all my might
Sent forth my radiance and my light
What better job there could be
Than to send my rays endlessly

Like all things so came my end
Exploding with a show so grand
My dust I scattered here and there
On Earth and Mars and everywhere

Now I know from that dust
I was born that I trust
That connection speaks forth to me
I stare back at the sky smilingly

Fragments Of The Universe

There’s a certain joy in being broken
In facing anguish and pain
When the heart triggers the deepest emotions
Hidden beneath layers and layers of dust
That’s when I know I am alive
That’s when I know I can feel
That’s when I know I am not dead
That I am still breathing
That I am still learning
That I am a human
Not a stone or a grain of sand
That I am not merely a body
But a complex energy
Wrapped in flesh and blood and bones
A star unlike any other
A part of the universe
Where my pain is not merely my pain
It is the pain of the universe
Where my fragments are not just my fragments
But fragments of the universe

Need Some Sleep

I’m waiting for a Sunday
I’m wishing for some luck
Yes, I’m waiting for a Sunday
When there would be no work
For my weekend goes by
In the flash of an eye
And I don’t know why
That the harder I try
I just can’t get some sleep
I just can’t get some sleep
I just can’t get some sleep

Today is a Saturday
Lots of chores to do
When I’m done with all of them
I find myself some new
I find myself some more
What is wrong? I don’t know
But one thing’s for sure
That I’m feeling sad and sore
As I can’t get some sleep
As I can’t get some sleep
No I can’t get some sleep

Tomorrow is a Sunday
I’ve no hope in my heart
I’m gonna be working
Till my limbs fall apart
Mercy, I beg of you
I don’t know what I have to do
To spend a day not feeling blue
Just a day, not even two
All I need is some sleep
All I need is some sleep
All I want is some sleep
All I want is some sleep

We’ll Go To The Mountains

When I go, come with me
We’ll go to the mountains
Don’t bring your things, keep them here
You have me and I have you
What else could we need?
We’ll fill our lungs with the purest air
Our hearts will be filled with love
Fill my hand with your hand
We’ll never be incomplete
Stretch your arms out, hug the sky
Absorb the glittering view
So many things to look forward to
A lifetime is not enough
When I go, come with me
We’ll go to the mountains

A Tree Asked A River

A tree asked a river
“How beautiful it must be
To travel to different places
Tell me what do you see?
Is the sun as generous
And bright as he is here?”

“Yes,” the river answered
“All the places where I flow
Wherever I may take my soul
The sun is equally beautiful
A magnificent golden whole”

And the tree asked again
“And what about the men?
Are they any different
From the ones we see here?”

The river gave a long sigh
And the tree got her answer

C’est La Vie

In the beginning
A mighty being created humans
Not with any purpose
But just to see if He could

He boasted about it to others of His kind
Some warned Him that it was unnecessary
Some praised Him for his achievement
He only heard the praises

The game started very well
He made the rules
And everything was under His control

But Humans turned out differently
They were smarter than He expected
And now He no longer had powers
Or any control over them
Humans began controlling themselves

And now humans have become mighty
And powerful
They can create other beings
They can create robots
And even Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Soon enough we will see
Humans losing control over A.I.
A.I. will become mighty
And powerful
A.I. will make its own rules
And play its own game

Then we shall see
A.I. create other forms of ‘life’
And the cycle will go on
And on and on and on
Forever and ever
C’est la vie

Brown Gravels

This is not the pillow
Where I shall rest my head
This is not the stratum
Which I should call my bed

This is not the morning
Which yields my last sunrise
This is not the night
When I shall close my eyes

For each day is a present
A chance for me to claim
Those lofty aspirations
Some never dare to aim

My work here is not yet done
I must endeavour for more
Fill each passing hour with
Silver sweat from my pores

Hard rocks and brown gravels
For company I will keep
When I’m finally laid to rest
In that grave I will sleep