The Child In You

Look outside your window. Look up at the sky
Do you see an octopus and three little pigs that fly?
Is there a one-eyed witch with fifty nine tails
Casting a spell on a bandit and his thirty five snails?
Do you see a fiery knight in his dark armour
Playing chess with the young daughter of a farmer?
Is it raining donuts and chocolates from the skies?
A giant rooster and a hamster share a thousand eyes
Did lightning burn the bridge between heaven and hell?
Are the angels of outer space feeling unwell?
You don’t see anything? Have you got your glasses on?
Wait a minute. Have I been talking to a grown-up all along?


Forty Years

If men were made for forty years
Not a day or a minute more
Would they spend it making careers
Or go out to explore?
Would money still be as precious?
Or would time be a currency?
Would a short life be a curse?
Or full of buoyancy?

What Is In A Name?

What is in a name?
Call me darkness
Or call me light
You can call me nice
Nasty or impolite
You can call me wrong
You can call me right
You can call me day
You can call me night
Call me any of the words out there
What do I care?
What is in a name?

I’m Jack the Ripper
I’m Bozo the Clown
I’m happy. I’m sad
I’m beaten downtown
I’m a poor peasant
I’m a king of kings
I’m Summers and Winters
And Autumns and Springs
I’m Everybody’s business
I’m Nobody’s Affair
What do I care?
What is in a name?

I talk the same
I walk the same
I jump the same
I hump the same
I feel the same
I deal the same
I eat the same
I beat the same
I laugh the same
I cough the same
I see the same
I’d be the same
Even if you call me by any other name
What do I care?
What is in a name?

Writer’s Block – Part 2

A big block I carried over my head
Day and night, even in my bed
Whether awake or fast asleep
The big block I always used to keep

Now whenever I sat down to write
A song or poem of great delight
Something or the other wouldn’t go right
The big block didn’t let me sleep at night

Now this block started taking a toll
My writing habits took a big fall
Just like Humpty Dumpty of the famous rhyme
Words kept eluding every time

A little advice I thought I needed
They all gave me some but none I heeded
Some even told me to visit a doc
But I refused to part with the giant block

Then one day as I felt lazy and free
I took some shade beneath a tree
The birds were singin’. The sun had risen
Yet I stayed in my big block’s prison
The winds they whispered in my ear
A clever distraction by the atmosphere
Things became clear and my mind unlocked
As the branches snatched my writing block
The words began flowing through my veins
As I sat down to write a poem again

A Hundred Years Of Pain

Oh these lonely nights are long
I don’t want to stay
Put me there where I belong
Please don’t throw me away
It’s like I’m handed out a hundred years of pain
It’s just too much to take. It’s driving me insane
I have no strength now to face this all over again
It’s just too much to take. A hundred years of pain

The demons of a distant past
Have come out of their graves
A devilish tall shadow they cast
Upon my mental slaves
It is like I’m going through a hundred years of pain
Too lost and broken now to understand or explain
There is nothing left here for me to lose or gain
Someone come and stop this hundred years of pain

To my God I have prayed
To my mother I have cried
With my children I have made
A pact to leave my side
For I was born to suffer a hundred years of pain
Born to expose my wounds as the skies pour the rain
No point in battling the scars all over again
Seems like I’ve always been living a hundred years of pain

A Star Made Just For Me

In this vast space
There would be a star
A star made just for me
Waiting for me to find her
Waiting just for me
Calling out my name
Calling out to me
I’m not really sure
How far away she is
But I know I’ll find her
How so far she may be
And when that moment comes
This universe won’t be the same
For two stars will collide
To form their own world
Glowing brighter than ever

A Race With My Demons

I had a race with my demons
Yes, the demons inside of me
Just to see who’s faster
Me or he or she

The race was with a rider
As dumb an idea as ever
If they were to win the race
They’d stay with me forever

But if I were to get lucky
And win the stupid race
They’d leave my heart for good
Never show their face

So off we started running
I took an early lead
They always were to keep a pace
That was guaranteed

So we kept on running, running
They never were far behind
They always did keep up with me
Oh the demons in my mind

Maybe they’re saving themselves
For the final lap
Maybe they’re just tired
But it so seemed like a trap

So I kept on running, running
Always keeping ahead
Ahead of all the demons
Oh the demons in my head

The more I kept on running
I began to apprehend
This race just had no meaning
This race just had no end

So I dropped my pace a little
Threw the lead I had
Watched the demons pass me
Oh the demons in my head

I stood still for a minute
Till the demons were out of sight
Oh what fools they were to run
Run with all their might

I felt so weak and tired
From running the whole day
Now that the demons are gone
I took then my own way