Her Transparent Nature

I fell in love with her

With her strange, mysterious ways

Her calm and soothing voice

Her scary, haunting gaze

Her transparent nature

Her wild and violent head

The way she made me fly

And hover above my bed

I fell in love with her

But she could never be mine

Not today, not tomorrow

In this world or time

I had to leave it all

That’s what hurts the most

Love’s too small a word

When you love a ghost


When She Hears My Whispers

I always used to love her

And I love her still

She controlled every heartbeat

My mind and my will

When I said, “I love you.”

She bid my heart goodbye

“I couldn’t live without you.”

“So find a way to die.”

Now my spirit is free

Yet she’s still the one

She never understood me

But I’m having fun

To see her stressed and frightened

Running for some light

When she hears my whispers

In the dark of night

She Sees Things In The Dark

She sees things in the dark

She suffers every day

With her I also suffer

Suffer in every way

Sometimes she sees ghosts

Sometimes; ravens and crows

Sometimes she just cries

Reasons that only heaven knows

Tonight she woke me up

I felt her sweaty hand

She said she saw something

Something disturbing again

I asked her about the matter

She mumbled with a heavy breath

She held my hand tighter

“I think I saw your death.”

An Ominous Vision

I said, “I had a vision

Doesn’t feel too good

We should pack our bags now

Leave this town for good.”

But no one ever listened

They thought it was a joke

Everyone just laughed at

The warning that I spoke

It wasn’t long before they

Realised their fault

Everything just stood still

The town came to a halt

With every rat that came out

With every worm in town

All the ravens fluttered

To bring the moonlight down

That’s when it was certain

We had reached our end

There was no escaping

The terrors of new friends

Everyone was eaten

Not a soul was spared

Then they came up to me

A new king was declared

Then I woke up from my

Dreamy premonition

Is this what it’s like to

Have an ominous vision?

Little Girls

Mom, what if the bed is a monster?

What if the pillow is a bait?

What if the blanket is his tool

To wrap little girls like me?

Does he carry them far away

Where he actually dwells

Somewhere in a dark cave

Where he feasts and savours

Innocent, little girls like me?

Does nobody fight back?

Is he too ugly? Too powerful?

Can I fight him, Mom?

Am I brave enough? Strong enough

To save little girls like me?

My Dark Shadow

My dark shadow never leaves me

Follows me day and night

Follows me to all the places

Wherever there is light

My dark shadow keeps a watch

Stares right through my skin

At my soul in his control

Locked forever within

My dark shadow always haunts me

Haunts me night and day

All my heart is torn apart

For she never goes away

Just This One Last Time

A friend asked me to read his palm

“Tell me how long I’ve got

Am I going to live plenty?

Am I going to live a lot?”

Now he always likes to pull my leg

I’m not at all into reading lines

Yet I played along with him

Just this one last time

I said, “This short line over here

That’s worrying I must say

I do not reckon you would

Make it past another day.”

He chuckled and called me an ass

“How long do I get to live?

Is it a minute or an hour?

How much time do you give?”

“Just a couple of minutes.” I said

And stabbed him several times

I chuckled and called him an ass

Just this one last time