What Should I Call This Love?

What should I call this love, girl?

Innocent or pure?

Should I call it heavenly?

I am quite unsure

Should I term it honest?

Should I term it true?

Should I call it unknown?

Oh just tell me what to do

Should I name it profound?

Should I name it free?

Are there more adjectives

That haven’t come to me?

Do I really need to name it?

Does it matter still?

Whatever our love may be

I know, girl, how it feels

Though I can’t describe it

I know just how it feels


Loneliness Loses Again

It’s a pretty good night

To turn off the lights

And spend some time dreaming alone

Who wouldn’t admire

This burning desire

To explore all that is unknown?

O’ you beautiful dame

You call out my name

Sending me all the intricate signs

My desires are burned

My heart — it is turned

When music and love combines

Time is standing still

Her hand guiding my will

Tying me to your charming chain

The night begins to sink

The stars start to blink

Loneliness then loses again

Stephanie From My Dreams – Part 2

Millions of beauties grace the land

Of them, thousands I have seen

But nobody could match the grace

Of Stephanie from my dreams

The sun it glitters, the stars they shine

The silver moon it proudly beams

But they don’t come anywhere close

To Stephanie from my dreams

The bees fly amongst the flowers

A cool breeze floats over a stream

But their charm pales in front

Of Stephanie from my dreams

On every road that I have walked

Under every cloud that I may seem

There’s no mortal ever born

Like Stephanie from my dreams

If mystery was a giant ladder

I’d be at the bottom seam

And atop she’d hold her solo crown

The Stephanie from my dreams

Stephanie From My Dreams

I jumped out of my window

Into a whole new realm

There I found a girl

That got me overwhelmed

Her eyes were deep and magical

Her voice was soothing sweet

Her skin was fair and glowing

And the picture was complete

I chased her across the land

Followed her through the streams

Pursued her o’er the mountains

Through every vision and dreams

Then I lost sight of her

I felt dejected, hurt and broke

Reality came back to me

The moment that I awoke

Today I Love You Because

Today I love you because

Yesterday’s a dream

Tomorrow’s uncertain

Today is all the moment that we could gain

Today I love you because

Yesterday we weren’t born

Tomorrow we’ll be dead

Today is all that we would have had

Today I love you because

Yesterday I got a reason

Tomorrow I would have more

Today I would love you even if I had none

Today I love you because

Yesterday I was lost

Tomorrow I’d be complete

Today I take the journey with you

Ask Me To Die For You

Ask me to die for you

I’ll do that without a thought

But don’t ask me to go away

That I just cannot

Ask me to die for you

I’ll do it smilingly

But don’t break my precious heart

That I’ve nurtured lovingly

Ask me to die for you

I would feel no pain

Forgetting you is a tougher

Tougher task for my brain

Ask me to die for you

That would seem easygoing

But don’t ask me to leave you

My love for you is growing

Ask me to die for you

Cease my continuing

But don’t ask me to live for you

That I’m already doing

What Is There In A Love Song?

What is there in a love song?
Words on a blank page
Dots in some fine order
Bounded by a boundless cage

What is there in a love song?
Just one like the other
One speaks of warm romance
Passion and lust in another

What is there in a love song?
They sound the same to me
Retold with a narrative
In sugar-sweet allegory

What is there in a love song?
A hundred I can write
Yet not have anything at all
For my little heart’s delight

What is there in a love song?
Not a thing it does reveal
My heart’s sensitivity
How badly it fails to steal

What is there in a love song?
That which I cannot see
If you want to know my heart
Just come around and sit with me