It’s a Trap

Don’t go to work now it’s a trap
Don’t put up with that kind of crap
Why hog and slog just like a dog
When you can sleep well like a log

To all the misters and the ma’ams
Don’t get married now it’s a scam
It’s over-rated and just no good
You’re better off living in the woods

Avoid school at all costs
Run from college no matter what
Go instead to a library my friend
Read and read for hours on end

Now I’ll tell you what’s really wrong
What I’ve been meaning all along
Don’t be born now be really smart
That’s when all the troubles start

Another Kill

Betsy and I want to play
But there are no green grounds
We look left we look right
It’s just concrete all around

Dust, dust and only dust
Greet us wherever we go
No trees or flowers or even shrubs
Are within a mile or so

Is this why we have evolved?
Is this how we’re meant to be?
Puffing out giant clouds of smoke
Your nefarious factories

What development do you get
Looking out just for yourself
Think of all the plants and animals
Who can’t even cry for help

Repent, regret and mend your ways
There is plenty of time still
Choose carefully your next step
Before you make another kill

Love Is A Feather

Love is a feather
Floating tenderly with the breeze
Falling in your palm
Often unexpectedly
Don’t hold it too tightly
Lest you crush it
Hold it lightly
Feel its soft touch
Caress it with affection
Examine it carefully
You could make out the dove
From whom this thing of beauty dropped
What is that dove but a collection of such feathers
One piece is in your hands
Be gentle and caring
It will stick to your palm
For as long as you want
It may seem small but believe me when I say
It is everything

The Shard

Look around you my friends
Look to your left, look to your right
Do you not see shards everywhere?
Human beings broken from the inside
Very little though shows on the surface
Pain beautifully disguised with smiles
It’s a gift I tell you
And we’re blessed with many more
We are the ones who carry hope in their souls
We are the ones who carry love in our hearts
Some of us even carry all the worries in their pockets
No other animal can claim such dignity
Can a turtle claim to carry affection in his shell?
Can a fox claim to carry anxiety in his tail?
Or can a butterfly claim to carry promise in her wings?
Nah, we are the pinnacle of evolution
We are bestowed with gifts that no bug, bird or beast can even dream of
But these gifts have come at a cost
We pay a heavy price for them
These gifts are so delicate and fragile that they tend to become a burden
Oh what a fine burden it is!
So carefully we must protect our hearts from breaking
Such great lengths we must go to to keep our hopes from fading away
Yet our hearts breaks
Yet our hopes fade away
When the heart breaks, the human breaks
When hope fades away, we feel robbed
We shatter like a piece of glass
Our fragments lie scattered on the floor
What good is a broken glass? Not much
But we, we pick ourselves up and carry on
Look around you carefully
Not one human will find intact
We’re all broken
We’re all shattered
We’re all shards
Smiling, trying rebuilding
Carrying on with what is left
What a magnificent structure a human is!
What a magnificent structure we all are!

An Easy Death

Wish and aim for an easy life
One without struggle or any strife
Honour and glory are sought in vain
Drop no sweat and feel no pain
Laze around and keep no plan
Procastinate the best you can
Flex no muscle, don’t strain your voice
Being born was not your choice
Keep all work for tomorrow
Close your heart to all sorrow
Close your heart to love too
Very little can now break you
Life is fickle and time is short
To Death we are a mere sport
Nothing lasts so don’t pretend
Everyone must die in the end

Which Bus?

This bus takes me to my school and
That one takes me home but
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

This bus takes me to Woodgrange Avenue
That bus takes me to work but
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

Here’s one bus that is big and red
Which drops me near a lake
Here’s another bigger and redder
Which I am too afraid to take
Can buses fly? Do they have wings?
It would be lovely if it were so
Which bus takes me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

I can pick a bus randomly
And go wherever it may go but
Will it take me to my mother?
I don’t know I don’t know

Maybe a bus is not the best option
A horse-carriage? Or a yacht?
Will they take me to my mother
Maybe or maybe not

What You Mean To Me

I guess I’ve never told
You what you mean to me
How grand a place you hold
In life’s moments to be

My lips fail me every
Time that I try to speak
My heart falls in a reverie
Showing from cheek to cheek

I’m glad I’ve always showed you
Instead just what you mean
My love has always flowed through
In acts of stream serene

For man is yet to find a better
Method of conveying love
Far better than a penned letter
Is a gesture of true love