A Little Seed Crying At My Door

It was many a nights ago
When the clock was hitting four
When I heard a feeble sound
Like someone crying at my door

In my haste I got up or so
Dropping my work right on the floor
Just to see what was going on
Just who was crying at my door

When I opened it I saw
Something I had never seen before
A shocking sight greeted my eyes
A little seed crying at my door

Before I could utter a word
Before I could even implore
It said, “Will you be kind enough to help
A little seed crying at your door?

“All I need is a small favour
It is not much what I ask for
I’ve been pleading but nobody’s helped
A little seed crying at their door

“I know how big I can grow
But today I’m a seed and nothing more
Kill me now when the pain is small
A little seed cries at your door

“They’ve killed my parents and many more
Tomorrow, they’ll come for me for sure
Kill me now oh gentle Sir,” said
A little seed crying at my door

Like all the others it asked before
Her plight too I chose to ignore
“There’s little I can do to help
A little seed crying at my door

“Go back to your home I say
You’ll have a better future for sure”
Everyone knew I was only lying to
A little seed crying at my door

Off it went to another home
With the same hope as it did before
Thinking someone would be kind enough to help
A little seed crying at their door

Now so many nights have passed
That tale tears me to the core
Each time that I think about
The little seed crying at my door

Is there no remedy or cure
For all the time my heart outpours
Wondering what must have happened to
The little seed crying at my door?

A Cloud Came Down To Talk To Me

A cloud came down to talk to me
“We can sense a trouble up there
The air is thick and full of dirt
What you’re doing is just not fair
Having come down now I can see
Nothing else here but smoke
The air down here is so much worse
Do you think that it’s a joke?”

I merely shrugged my shoulders
And offered a meek reply
“What you say is absolutely true
It’s something I can’t deny
I’m terribly sorry for you my friend
That you must bear this pain
Is there something that I can do
To make this normal again?”

“Of course there is so much that you can do”
The cloud spoke with some disdain
“Quit your smoking first of all
Then quit your cars and trains
Have your factories all shut down
Quit dumping in the seas
Learn to appreciate the nature
Stop the felling of trees”

I could not help but laugh out loud
At all that he had to say
“What you say is absolutely fine
But there simply is no way
That we can do all that you want
Without having to bear a cost
Yes the air is not so clean
Something’s gained and something’s lost”

“Oh you speak just like a fool”
Uttered the dismayed cloud
“What I’m saying is not for myself
Hear me clear and loud
I can live with all this smoke
Oh that I can very well do
What I said was for your sake
The message was meant for you

“You drink the water, breathe the air
Make your dwellings on this land
Yet its worth you fail to see
Its price you don’t understand
Once you exploit beyond a point
This water, this air, this land
There will be no turning back
Humanity will see its end”

Warning thus the cloud went up
Back to from where it came
Leaving me with a lot to ponder
And a ton of guilt and shame
I mustered courage to look up
Saw the clouds turn grey
With hopelessness in my heart
Threw the cigarette away

Death Is A Maid I’d Welcome Tonight

Death is a maid I’d welcome tonight
To clean up the mess caused by a fight
That I had with Grief in the morning
When she came home without a warning
Then she left me to my plight
Death is a maid I’d welcome tonight

Then at noon it was Suffering
Her pesky kids she had to bring
They ran around and tore my home
Leaving me helpless they soon were gone
Now this place is a terrible sight
Death is a maid I’d welcome tonight

At evening it was the turn of Despair
To come and make me tear my hair
With her every step the house did tremble
The roof, the walls began to crumble
Who else now would make this right?
Death is a maid I’d welcome tonight

I Found You

In the wide open sky
On the wings of a butterfly
In the blades of grass and steel
In everything that’s fake and real
I found you

In an innocent baby’s smile
In the winds blowing awhile
In the forsaken truth’s trial
In the faith and its denial
I found you

In the hope enveloping me
In the pure blue soothing sea
In balls of snow, in drops of rain
In moments of joy, moments of pain
I found you

In everyone I know, everyone I meet
In everyone I love, everyone I greet
Everywhere I looked, everywhere I went
Everything I received, everything I sent
I found you


I am born out of a star
A shiny little dot
Illuminating the sky
Guiding me here on Earth
Lighting up my way
Wherever I may walk
Wherever I may be
Like a mother
Watching over me
Can I pluck it out of the sky?
Can I reach there?
Can I hold it?
Can I play in its lap?
Not now
When I die
I’ll be going home
Back to the star
Death may sound cruel
But it is really a trip

Some People Pray For Money

Some people pray for money
Some people pray for fame
Some people pray for power
Or a little piece of acclaim

Some people pray for their families
Their mothers, brothers and wives
While some only pray for themselves
For happiness in their lives

Some wish for solitude
While some wish for lasting friends
Some wish for a plate of food
While some wish for dividends

Yet there are some among us
Who never wish for a thing
They only fold their hands
To thank the Lord and sing