Writer’s Block

There’s nothing to write about

So I’ll just write about

Having nothing to write about

When you can’t really begin

What you’re meaning to begin

Write about having nothing to begin

When you can’t really go on

But the pages shout, “Go on.”

Write about having nothing to go on

Then when you can’t really end

What you earlier began

I guess that’s the writer’s block’s end

I don’t know if it helped

But at least it did help

Me when I needed some help

116 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Oh boy, I hear you on this!! I find that sometimes writing with pen and paper helps to get past the writer’s block. Do you find that things come out differently if you type vs hand write?

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  2. I got a cute coffee cup for Christmas. Writer’s Block is when your imaginary freinds stop talking to you. I plan on having mine over for a nice cup of coffee and catch up on things. πŸ™‚

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  3. I know about having nothing to write about. Funny enough, most none writers might not get that my brain is just playing a little game with me at the moment.
    Nice and ironically, you wrote so much when you had nothing to write about!!!

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  4. Hi there Frank, I actually wrote a post God knows how time ago and where it is, but it was called there is no such thing as writers block or something like that. Point being, you did write right? It can be something that you think is not good it can be bad, but at the end of the writing you just wrote. And the definintion of writers block is that you can’t write, so it really doesn’t apply to you nor me. I sometimes sit in front of the computer and have nothing to say, and then I just write I have nothing to say and actually it ends up quite the fun dumb thing that I wrote about how I can’t write. Do I like it or not is another thing, is it good or bad that is another thing also, but you DO write.

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  5. It’s what we all struggle with! And let’s not even get started on revising…..my Weber grill (the old charcoal kind) saw so many words go up in flames as a result of that necessary evil.

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      1. I mean, also like in “meaningful”, but I guess, I got it now…. or not.. but we will see. I could also say, “relative biological effectiveness” is what you have here… I might still search for the key…

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