If I Were Born A Little Early

If I were born a little early
I would have made electricity
First to say — The Earth is round
Cures for diseases I would have found
Would have theorized gravitational law
Leave everyone trailing in awe
Would have had a star named after me
A constellation or galaxy
Future generations would have studied me
My brain, my life, my family
But I was born a little too late
Never had the chance to become so great
All the others took away my due
So I’m stuck here writing poems for you

It Wasn’t Me

I looked at the mirror and I saw
Someone else staring back at me
The face was similar to mine but
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

There was guilt all over his face
It was plain and obvious to see
Lies dripping down from his lips
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

Regret hanging from his brows
Deceit circling wild and free
Wings of envy on his nose
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

Then I looked at him even closely
Those eyes of sin and misery
That look was indistuingishable
It must be me, it must be me

Thank You, Readers

Is it my love for writing
Or my love for rhymes?
Not sure what has kept me going
Through these wonderful times
Is it the chance to touch
And make merry somebody’s heart
And know I’ve made a difference
Possibly with my art?
There may be many reasons
Possibly a hundred or more
One thing is for certain
Of that I am very sure
Without my faithful readers
This I could not have done
Thank you for always being there
Thanks for making it fun

A Hundred Poets Reside In Me

A hundred poets reside in me
A hundred? I don’t know why
One just writes what he can see
Two is bold, Three is shy

Forty Four can get no rhyme done
Twenty wants to plagiarize
But is held back by Sixty One
Who wants to win the Nobel Prize

Then there’s Thirty Six and Eight
Who are too lazy to write
Unlike Seventy who sits late
To finish his sweet song at night

Then there’s Twelve and Ninety Four
Who always have a fight
They can’t seem to agree anymore
About which girl they wish to write

So many more on this list
Like Fifteen, Sixteen, Eighty Three
One of them just wrote this
A hundred poets reside in me

The Husband Of Misfortune – Part 2

All my ventures have failed to pay
None of my debts seem to go away
From all directions, troubles come
I’ve lost my cars and my home
Now we live in a rented place
Whenever I’m out, I hide my face
Still the kids they laugh at me
My clothes are drenched with misery
All my shares have fallen
Last week my watch was stolen
I think I’ve forgotten how to smile
For I haven’t done it in a while
No family I can fall back upon
All my friends have moved on
Just me and my misery and my strife
And my lovely, luckless wife
I wish sometimes that I were dead
But my luck is just too bad
God doesn’t want me with Him so soon
I, the husband of Misfortune

My Little Garden

I have a little garden
A garden full of words
Prose they act like flowers
The poems act like birds
It blooms the whole year ’round
Whether spring or snow or fall
For reading is like rain
And sunshine for them all
Never a dull day I’ve had
Never have a dull day I will
For years and years from now
This garden be growing still

A World Of Words

Never ever have I seen a dew
Or watched the falling snow
Never ever have I tamed the wild
Or gone where the winds blow
Never ever have I fallen in love
Or lost my way in a storm
Never ever have I climbed a mountain
Or seen a true beauty’s form
Never ever have I played a song
In front of a jumping crowd
Or sailed on a magic carpet
And jumped on a smiling cloud
So much more I may have never seen
Never heard or never done
So much more I may never say
Never dream or never learn
Yet all these things I have sensed and felt
Though it is not exactly how it looks
In a world I made for myself
With words coming out from books


Every book that I read
Every movie that I see
Every song that I hear
I let it change me

Every person that I meet
Every event that I partake
Every emotion that I feel
I let it change me

Like a snake
Shedding its skin
Only to cover itself
With a new one
To let go
Of the parasites
To reach
A new stage of growth

Every step that I take
Every choice that I make
Every breath that I take
I let it change me

If My Words

If my words could speak
What my heart yearns to say
All the feelings I cannot leak
To you I would convey

If my words could reach
The heavens in the sky
To you would come then each
Where you so gently lie

If my words had powers
To bring you back to life
I would write for hours
With no fatigue or strife