Once I Ate Some Spiders

Once I ate some spiders
Just to check their taste
My tongue felt nothing. An
Experiment in waste
They went down in one gulp
I thought it was the end
But I was proved so wrong
By my abdomen
I can feel them crawling
Weaving webs inside
Just no way to stop them
Nowhere to run or hide
I can’t take it anymore
The pain is terrible
Don’t know what they’re doing
But it’s unbearable
Now there’s only one thing
That I need to do
I’ll cut myself wide open
You can have them too


Her Soul Roams In My Home

Blood stains on the floor
Blood stains on the ceiling
Wash them and they’re back again
Oh what an eerie feeling
I know where they come from
It has that distinct smell
The smell that reeks of sin all over
I know it all too well
She still lives in my memories
In her time she was a beauty
If she had been not dead tonight
She would have turned thirty three
Sometimes I hear her steps
Her soft voice near my bed
The sweet song she used to sing
Vaguely lingers in my head
She never wanted to leave me
She never will leave me alone
Her body lays in my fridge
Her soul roams in my home

Don’t Worry

On my bed now there are stories that are scary
“Toughen up,” says my brother. “And don’t worry.”
In my head now there are elves who killed a fairy
“It’s alright, son,” says my mother. “And don’t worry
In my thoughts now all the demons are blurry
“I’ll watch you, son,” says my daddy. “And don’t worry”
It’s pitch dark. All the demons are in a hurry
Now there’s no one here to tell me ‘Don’t worry’

The Joker In My Head

I am not me
I’m just a reflection
Having no control over what I’m doing
It’s like I’m a puppet
Some strange hand controlling me
Writing my fate
Deciding my destiny
Makes me do things that I never wished to
Makes me dance to his tune
How did this happen?
When did I let myself go?
When did I succumb to his powers?
I’ve been in his control as long as I can remember
I’ve been a slave to his commands
How did I become so neurotic?
How did I become so paranoid?
Have I really lost myself?
Am I really out of control?
Or am I just looking for someone to blame?

Tonight I Cry No Tears

Those voices keep me up at night
I barely get any sleep
When the window brings the morning light
There’re no voices to keep
Sometimes they scare my heart to death
Sometimes they make me shiver
I lie awake with bated breath
While my eyes cry a river
There are no problems with me I’m sure
I am just about fine
Tonight I shut and secure the door
Face them with a spine
Tired of being a slave I am
They only play with my fears
Tonight I show no fear to them
Tonight I cry no tears

The Light Will Get To You

The angel of darkness comes to me
Fetches me from my dreams
We swim together away and free
Through the holy streams
She leaves me behind and disappears
With no sense of direction
The moon shines as the sky clears
The stars’ resurrection
I keep swimming to find the shore
With no help to get through
Hear the clouds cry as they pour
“The light will get to you”