Can Men Make Water?

Pretty river flowing calmly
With water bright blue
Reflecting sunlight so warmly
For me and for you
Offering everything we need
Nothing for her own
Stupid mortals made of greed
Contaminated her throne
Crying, raging against it all
Sometimes with a storm
Only thing that did befall —
Disintegration of form
Bright blue water soon turned
Grey and smelt of dirt
Slowly inside the river burned
With grief, pain, hurt
The Sun God couldn’t stand
Stupidity of Man
So he raged o’er the land
Drying the water can
All the folks were left high and low
Without, t’was nothing else
Now there was nowhere to go
Can Men make water themselves?

Whisper To Me

Who is right? Who is wrong?
Do you happen to know what’s true?
There’s just so much going on
I really don’t know what to do
How did you keep it all in place?
Without ever filing a ‘plaint
Look at the ugly, crying face
That this house does paint
Should I go seeking who is right?
Should I just let it be?
In the dark despair of this night
Come down and whisper to me

Could Not Ever Replace You

All the dollars, yen and pounds
The fallen leaves on the ground
Little children playing around
The smiles on their faces too
Could not ever replace you

The grumbling of the passing trains
The mess and calm in the rains
The concrete roads, the empty lanes
The blooming flowers’ dew
Could not ever replace you

The drudgeries of every day
The tumbling blocks in my way
The hollow words I hear one say
Even if they’re false or true
Could not ever replace you

The little tricks of my brain
The nervous signals of my veins
The clothes I wear, the yellow stains
On my soul, so bright and new
Could not ever replace you

God and Devil, the demon’s cast
Love and hatred of my past
The angel’s song that may never last
Heaven, Hell, the sky so blue
Could not ever replace you

Little Stones

Once there was a mountain tall
Housing creatures big and small
Fighting wild and gruesome storms
To keep the creatures safe and warm

But she could only fight so long
She could only keep so strong
For the waters made a crack
From her breast up to her back

The cracks were flooded by the rain
Nothing worked to ease the pain
Though the creatures gave her heart
Slowly, surely she fell apart

When she fell, oh how she fell
Everything turned a living hell
The shelter on their heads was gone
Left were only little stones

If I Were To Lose My Right Eye

I were to lose my right eye
Or the index finger on my left hand
Or the toes of my feet
Or a bullet should pass through my jaw
And render my mouth numb
Or I were to contract a deadly disease
Leaving me with little hopes for survival

Would you look into my left eye
Hold my hand
Walk with me
Talk to me
Love me
Just like you do now?

If I Could Create A Ghost

I had the skills
To create a horror ghost
Who would eat up people
Or terrorize at the most
This skill is mine only
Nobody else knows how to
Do anything of the sort
That I could possibly do

I would gladly pass the chance
To never have my name
Remembered by anybody
No fortune and no fame
For what good is an invention
That only does others harm?
I would rather pick up my spade
And go working on my farm

If You Promise To Love Me

You promise to love me

I’ll be your left, I’ll be your right
I’ll be your day, I’ll be your night
I’ll be your shadow, I’ll be your light
I’ll be your saviour, I’ll be your knight

I’ll be your treasure, I’ll be your gold
I’ll be your companion when you grow old
I’ll be the story you want to be told
I’ll be the person you would want to hold

I’ll catch you everytime you fall
Nothing can stop us, no brick or wall
I’ll give my heart, I’ll give my all
Each moment will be special, big or small

I’ll be your words, I’ll be your prayer
I’ll be the gentle, playful air
That messes about with your hair
I’ll be the hope, I’ll be the care

I’ll be your blood, I’ll be your skin
I’ll be the heartbeat lost within
I’ll be your defeat, I’ll be your win
Yes, I’ll be your everything