My Mom’s A Superhero

I never realised
She loved me selflessly
So blind of me to ignore
When she loved me endlessly

She never ever got tired
Did all her work on time
Helped me when I needed
When I couldn’t find a rhyme

She never had a wrestling match
Still I know that she was strong
She was wise but never showed it
Knew what’s right and wrong

She knew where everything’s kept
She had the sharpest memory
She had but just a simple heart
But never an injury

Now the heaven’s shining
While Earth has lost its glow
How did I fail to realise
My mom’s a superhero!

Love Is That Song

Love is that song
That keeps humming in my head
In the morning when I wake up
Till nighttime when I drop dead

Love is that song
That brings feelings to my heart
Makes me feel all fuzzy
Then refuses to depart

Love is that song
That I cannot keep from playing
Who could control the mind
That nevers hears what I’m saying?

Love is that song
Which is on top of my chart
There is no competition
It has all of my heart

Love is that song
Ha-ha. Yes, love is that song
Who could say it’s right?
Who could say it is wrong?

A Fool In School

There is a force which pulls me
Pulls me close to you
No matter how hard I fight it
It always pulls me through
Makes me stand in front of you
Like a speechless fool
Makes me wanna act like
Or pretend that I’m so cool
But I’m just a fool

When I’m doing my homework
Or studying for a test
All my thoughts are focussed
On things that are not best
This force keeps me from studying
Makes me think of you
I’ve never been distracted
Like the way you make me do
Oh I’m such a fool

In class, I feel so tired
For I’ve been awake all night
This force won’t leave me alone
This force is just not right
I look at her, start dreaming
That’s the force at work
Then I’m caught, detention
Just my rotten luck
Well I’m such a fool

School is not for me now
I think I’ve had enough
I couldn’t fight this force now
It is just too tough
So I sit at home and
Take a white blank page
Take a pen and pour out
All my love in rage
For I’m such a fool

Just A Call Away

Last night I was broken
Completely lost in thoughts
With my mind unstable
Tied in complex knots
Then I got a call
Yes it had to be from you
Just a little talk and
All my worries flew

Though the pain was driving
Me crazy all along
I had to fight my battles
Alone and for so long
Then I got a message
Yes it had to be from you
A little conversation
And all my troubles flew

I was getting anxious
Nervy, insecure
No end I could foresee
No foreseeable cure
Then I got a call
Yes it had to be from you
Just a little talk and
All my worries flew

‘Tis The Season Of Love

‘Tis the season of love
Where nothing ever goes wrong
Where things fall into place
And I sing my favourite song

‘Tis the season of love
When fruits are ripe and sweet
Seeing them droop playfully
My young heart skips a beat
The flowers in full bloom
Rain their fragrance in the air
Colours so bright and cheerful
All around and everywhere
A bird sits down besides me
Begins to have a talk
Leisure is such an awful waste
So we decide to take a walk

‘Tis the season of love
When people are all smiles
No sign of grief or sorrow
Though I’ve walked for miles
It is not a big secret
There is only one reason
All the happiness around
Is brought by just one season

‘Tis the season of love
Where nothing ever goes wrong
Where things fall into place
Come, sing and walk along