If This World Were More Perfect

If this world were more perfect

We’d have more heart and less brain

More squirrels and less pain

Less religion and more blossoms

More humility and less problems

More love which is sacred

Less anger, less hatred

More leaves with shining droplets

Less gadgets and less idiots

More violins and trumpets

Less critics and more poets



When I was a kid

I had balloons

Lots and lots of balloons

I would hold on to the end of their string

Let them transport me away

They would take me to the skies

Over the city’s scrapers

Amongst the cool winds and the birds

I could see everything down below

People marching about like ants

Trucks the size of my toy car

Factories and schools all looked alike

Marvellous things all around

Yet I gazed at the clouds

Those white, fluffy balls

Floating, wandering aimlessly

Just how I wished to be

I would jump from one cloud to another

Like an astronaut on Moon

With my gravity-defying balloons

Hours and hours would jump with me

Till the daylight disappeared

And dark clouds and fatigue took over

Then I would descend

Upon the mundane earth

Into my warm room with a cozy bed

I would sleep on a cloud-like pillow

Smiling, dreaming

Of another fascinating trip the next day

That’s how my childhood passed

But now I’m a grown man

With those balloons still with me

They could still transport me to the skies

I just don’t let them

I’m a grown man now

Why Must I Be Like This?

Why must I be like this?

There must be a better way

A better person I can be

A better role I can play

Why must I be like this —

Different, unlike and weird?

Some they call me special

But so often I’ve been jeered

Why must I be like this —

Separated from the rest?

All the folks they have much fun

Am I missing life’s best?

I’ve never really envied them

They have their lives and I; mine

They may be happy or whatever

But I am just about fine

I have my friends albeit few

I have my reasons albeit new

I owe nothing to them or you

I’ve had never much to rue

Why must I be like this?

Well, this is the rightful way

A better person I can be

In this very role I play

When Nobody Loves Me

When nobody loves me

I simply cry and weep

I feel mighty tired

But I can’t fall asleep

When nobody loves me

I feel insecure

To banish all my thoughts

Is there any cure?

When nobody loves me

There’s just Me and I

Myself then joins the glumness

We decide to die

When nobody loves me

All the meaning’s lost

Death sends an invite

For a petty cost

When nobody loves me

I tie myself a noose

I am just a step away

From all pain and abuse

When nobody loves me

I just close my eyes

Say my final prayers and

Think of all the lies

Think about the fairytales

Eros and happy endings

That all the emotions are

Merely someone’s lendings

That love is a giant pie

And each will get a bite

Some may get a large chunk

Others will get a slight

The idea makes me laugh

To see everyone so starved

That’s how the world was formed

But not how I was carved

When nobody loves me

I stop giving a care

Unbothered with anyone

Anytime, anywhere

When nobody loves me

I don’t listen to what they say

This world may not be for me

But I am here to stay

When nobody loves me

Unbound by their chains

I love myself a little

That love ever remains