How Innocent He Lays At Night

How innocent he lays at night
How devilish during the day
He can tell wrong from right
Yet he walks the unrighteous way


Lies Keep Me Up At Night

A dead man has no secrets
A mere soulless body
Should I walk the same way
In this unforgiving journey?
I’ve walked a different path so far
Footprints I can’t erase
Too scared to look in the mirror
Watch the sinful face
No matter how straight my path now
The lies are still in sight
The monster eats me from inside
Lies keep me up at night

Why Do They Worship You?

O’ God I fail to understand
Why do they worship You?
Is it because You’re beautiful
Or is it because You’re true?
Is it because they have a fear
Set deep within their hearts
That any little misdeed and You
Might tear their world apart?
Is it because You’re a mystery
About which we barely know?
Is it because You’re divine?
An omnipotent fellow?
Is it the herd mentality
Of following the crowd?
Is everyone uncomfortable
Or afraid to stand out?
Is it because we people
Are full of ego and pride?
Do we need a higher power
To keep it all inside?
Or is it because they feel
Their fates are in Your hands?
Why do they worship You?
God, I fail to understand
What if these people found out
There’s a higher authority?
Will they stop worshipping You
And start following me?

O’ You Lousy Rat Called Fear

O’ you lousy rat called Fear
Let me make myself quite clear
The wounds from you are running deep
Tonight I plan to catch some sleep
You hide in your hole. You don’t come out
Then suddenly you start running about
You bring your other friends with you
Depression, anxiety and insomnia too
Your days are numbered I hope you know
Pack your bags for you must go
Tonight I look you in the eye
As I wave to you goodbye
You think of me as a piece of wreck
Come out now let me wring your neck

Is This The World For Me?

Mama, is this the world you left for me?
Violence as far as I can see
Sometimes I feel so helpless, weak and small
I wish I was never born at all
Ousted from the door of heaven’s shine
Betrayed by all that I held divine
Darkness and fright have come and kept me
Mama, is this the world for me?

Papa, is this the life you meant for me?
Freedom is seldom or never free
I don’t know what is happening when
Demons I see in guise of men
Hunting their brothers just to pretend
The glory will rein and never end
A hundred deaths and battles before me
Papa, this ain’t the world for me