A Million Years’ Debt

A million years ago we buried our sins
Deep in the ground where the fruits don’t spring
There they lay in silence and quiet
Devoid of space and devoid of light
We lay in the fields and lost our thoughts
We shook firm hands, loosened knots
The first few nights we didn’t sleep very well
A million nights’ve passed, but who could tell?
The sun was forgiving or so wrongly we assumed
The land was hungry and the sins; consumed
Nights came with peace and the haunting had ceased
The worries in us were slowly released
But then this morning we heard a strange noise
It was nothing else but the forgotten voice
The darkest sins had burst open our lands
We informed our kids, wife and friends
For a million years they were growing their roots
Now we’re shivering in our hearts and boots
The sins have come and they will have their way
A million years’ debt now left to pay


Writer’s Block – Part 2

A big block I carried over my head
Day and night, even in my bed
Whether awake or fast asleep
The big block I always used to keep

Now whenever I sat down to write
A song or poem of great delight
Something or the other wouldn’t go right
The big block didn’t let me sleep at night

Now this block started taking a toll
My writing habits took a big fall
Just like Humpty Dumpty of the famous rhyme
Words kept eluding every time

A little advice I thought I needed
They all gave me some but none I heeded
Some even told me to visit a doc
But I refused to part with the giant block

Then one day as I felt lazy and free
I took some shade beneath a tree
The birds were singin’. The sun had risen
Yet I stayed in my big block’s prison
The winds they whispered in my ear
A clever distraction by the atmosphere
Things became clear and my mind unlocked
As the branches snatched my writing block
The words began flowing through my veins
As I sat down to write a poem again

Please Don’t Heal Me

Please please don’t heal me
I’m totally broken inside
That’s the way I want to stay
I’ve gotten used to it now
For everytime that I am healed
I am cut and shattered
Only to be put back together
Only to be broken again
Except that each time
The hope in me dies
A little more than previously
A little faster than before
This time I’m afraid
If I was to heal again
I’d be broken once more
No hope shall remain
So let me cling on
To this tiny hope in me
I’m totally broken inside
But please don’t heal me

The Saviour Has Come

The castle was seized and so was the queen
At the gates was a horror scene
Limbs and valour of ten thousand men
Mixed with dirt of the land
The throne was broke and so was the pride
All the courage was lost inside
There seemed to be no hope just right then
The roaring skies had other plans
The clouds were grey but with a silver line
A mighty bird began to shine
Flapping her wings, she brought out fears
Buried deep for five hundred years
Tell everyone. Go and make a call
The saviour has come after all

Bury My Heart

I built these walls so high that
No one could ever climb
I’m erasing all your memories
To try and heal my mind
Just when I thought I had it
Every joy fell flat
I’m digging up a hole now
Big enough so that
I could bury my heart

Confine me in a room where
There are just no doors
No windows, no distractions
Nothing like before
There I’ll sit and waste
All my days away
Nothing could ever hurt me
Nothing to make me sway
If I bury my heart

I’ll be back at that place
Where it all did start
Except this time I’m lonely
A body with no heart
There’s no answer with me
For this recurring pain
If I had the option
I’d do it all again
So I bury my heart
I bury my heart

A Hundred Years Of Pain

Oh these lonely nights are long
I don’t want to stay
Put me there where I belong
Please don’t throw me away
It’s like I’m handed out a hundred years of pain
It’s just too much to take. It’s driving me insane
I have no strength now to face this all over again
It’s just too much to take. A hundred years of pain

The demons of a distant past
Have come out of their graves
A devilish tall shadow they cast
Upon my mental slaves
It is like I’m going through a hundred years of pain
Too lost and broken now to understand or explain
There is nothing left here for me to lose or gain
Someone come and stop this hundred years of pain

To my God I have prayed
To my mother I have cried
With my children I have made
A pact to leave my side
For I was born to suffer a hundred years of pain
Born to expose my wounds as the skies pour the rain
No point in battling the scars all over again
Seems like I’ve always been living a hundred years of pain

The Final Halloween

Come you little creeps
Come here to your queen
Bring me all your poison
To mark this Halloween
Lets raise the skeletons
And all the undeads
Evil monsters and lords
Zombies with no heads
Tonight we take the streets
Take over every place
Paint this entire town
With my charming face
Set their hearts with fear
With creeps that run and crawl
Deliver the message of
The curse that will befall
So come you little creeps
Come here to your queen
Tonight we celebrate
The final Halloween