The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 6/13

Next morn’ when her mother awoke
The little bird was still in bed
Her father wore a cozy cloak
Winter had popped its head
A few insignificant hours passed
The little bird was still in bed
The mother checked the bird at last
Found fever had reached her head
The little bird could barely move
She never had felt so weak
Her dire state only went to prove
The curse from the owl’s beak
The little bird still lay in bed
And nothing was going well
Her wings she could barely spread
Her body was hot as hell
Though her mother tried all tricks
All treatment seemed in vain
The little bird was lying sick
Writhing there in pain
Her mother looked up in agitation
At the heavens above
“What wrong has my daughter done
To treat her with such love?
Have you no answer to give me?
You who rein the skies
Come on now to the banyan tree
Witness a mother’s cries”


The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 5/13

Atop the banyan tree
Where the warm winds blow
Sat the wise owl
With the masses below
Now the little bird
And her worried mother
Were in the owl’s presence
With all the other
Birds that had come
Present in the courtyard
To watch the wise owl
With utmost regard

The parrot wrote the minutes
Pigeons lit incense
Cuckoos gave a call for
The session to commence
“Well, my daughter here”
Spoke the mother with some hope
“Is afraid to fly I guess
Though it’s in her scope
No sooner has my daughter
Flown a little height
She comes back down on land
With a mighty fright”

“It is a peculiar case”
The wise owl did reply
“I’ve never met a bird before
Who’s afriad to fly
But all is not lost
You’ve come to the right place
Leave your daughter with me
I will solve this case”
Just as he spoke those words
The little bird burst out loud
She couldn’t hold back herself
Her guffaws reached the clouds

The courtyard was stunned
The parrot dropped his quill
The owl was wide-eyed
The others were all still
“I am sorry for all this”
Said the little bird
“I never meant to laugh this way
At your owlish words
It is just that I
Didn’t picture you like this
The setting seems amusing
I just couldn’t resist”

“Well well well”
The wise owl spoke in rage
“You’re not short on bravery
For a bird your age
You come to my courtyard
Mock me and my words
In front of your mother
And all the other birds
You don’t need my help
You may go your way
I hope you have the same humour
When troubles come your way”

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 4/13

“Keep your head up straight now
We are off to see
The wise owl,” said the mother
“Who perches on that tree
He will be your teacher
Teach you how to fly
Cast aside your fears
So you can touch the sky”

“But what if I don’t want to”
Pleaded the little bird
“Why do we have to do this?
It just seems absurd
What if I was born to
Sit and sing and sigh?
God mustn’t have made me
To spread my wings and fly”

“Enough of your talking”
The mother cut her short
“Enough of your answers
Remarks and quick retorts
Look at all your brothers
They are just like you
God made you like He made them
Don’t you get it too?”

This time it was clear
The little bird was not to win
The meeting was all set up
No point in arguin’
She dropped her shoulders thinking
Might just give it a try
If nothing comes out of it
At worst, she’d learn to fly

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 3/13

“I don’t want to try
I’d rather sit here and cry”
Said the little bird to herself
“It pretty much stinks
To have pretty blue wings
But how can I help myself?”
She sat on a branch thinkin’
“Does God have a special plan?”
Her hopes began shrinkin’
Her eyes watery and blinkin’
She just didn’t know when
She’d finally understand
How to fly over land
Cast the fears from her heart
The end of it all
If she were to fall
She didn’t even wanna start
Talking about her weak wings
And the weakness of her soul
Well even the king of kings
Is frightened by things
That are not in his control

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 2/13

Her father was patient. Her mother was firm
“Go out little birdie. Go out and catch a worm
If you don’t go out, I’ll push you off this branch
Then you must spread your wings or you won’t stand a chance”
The little birdie pleaded
Pleaded with all her might
“Mom, I’m feeling sick
I don’t feel alright
I will fly tomorrow
You can watch me then
Tonight I am weak
I’m not lying again”
Just like all todays
This day too shall pass
Tomorrow seems distant
Tomorrow seems lost

The Bird Who Refused To Fly – Part 1/13

Tell me little birdie, have you no wings to fly?
Don’t you want to feel the air as you touch the sky?
Have you lost your faith and strength in the glowing sun?
Are the winds compelling you to relinquish your fun?
Keep it little birdie
Keep a brave face
You may fall once or twice
But that is no disgrace
Keep your head up high
If you ever fall
You then would have tried
That would just be all
You would rise up again
Just as you did before
Spread your wings, little birdie
You’re not a child anymore

I’ll Stand On The Ocean

I’ll stand on the ocean
I’ll breathe in the storm
I’ll walk on the edges
Till things don’t change
I’ll stand under the rain
In the deepest dark forests
Of a forgotten world
Till things don’t change
I’ll watch the meteors fall
Asteroids hit the earth
Without even blinking
Till things don’t change
I’ll fly with the wind
Wrestle with the waves
Kiss the barren land
Till things don’t change
I’ll tell it and think it
And speak it and breathe it
I’ll stand on the ocean
Till things don’t change