The Blue Sky Calls My Name

All my life I have feared

I may lose all that’s dear

But now all that seems so clear

As I lie on this rough bed

As I count my final breaths

Death has lost all of its dread

Oh mother, you know I love you

Tell Dad I love him too

Oh lord, it was a thrilling ride

Going out with love and pride

Tell me, what is that sound?

Shots fired all around

All is changed, all is same

The blue sky calls my name

Every dream I had in me

Everything I wished to be

Are now lost in memories

Breaking free from all my chains

All is changed, all is same

With the sky calling my name


A Drop Fell From A Cloud

A drop fell from a cloud

A fruit fell from a tree

A tear dropped from your eye

Then I wasn’t me

I tasted that tiny drop

Bit off that fallen fruit

Wiped that tear with happiness

Then I became me


Mom, I feel so tiny

When I look at the endless sky

Will I ever grow up?

Watch intimately the birds fly?

Mom, I feel so tiny

Helpless and insignificant

Is there no magic potion

To speed up the adolescents?

Mom, I feel so tiny

A misfit on this giant Earth

Looking at the stars above

Contemplating my righteous worth

Mom, I feel so tiny

Respond to my questions and qualms

Do all the children have to

Follow the lines on their little palms?

“Do not worry,” Mommy said

Her eyes filled with a lot of pain

“Once you happen to grow up

You’d wish to be a child again”