Two Little Birds Sitting On A Tree

Two little birds sitting on a tree
Asked each other what they would like to be

“A rabbit,” said one
“We’d hop in the sun”

The other said, “Giraffe”
Then they began to laugh

This went on for hours
They talked about all animals and flowers

They did show a lot of acumen
None wished to be a human

A Monster Jumped Out From The Sea

A monster jumped out from the sea
Ugly, big and green
All the folks who were strolling there
Fled quickly from the scene

He chased them all one by one
Nobody he could catch
The monster seemed strong and powerful
Yet his speed was not a match

He gave a loud, painful roar
His face full of despair
Accepting his fate he retreated
Under the sea somewhere

Years later when it was revealed
The sighs rang end to end
The monster never came to eat
He came looking for a friend

The World Is A Giant Merry-Go-Round

The world is a giant merry-go-round
Hold my hand and swing around
Make faces, scream, have lots of fun
Make this ride an awesome one

The world is a giant merry-go-round
Keep your feet firm on the ground
Laugh louder than you have ever done
Make this ride a joyous one

The world is a giant merry-go-round
All my friends make a lot of sound
I’ll pretend that I’m an alien
And make this ride a splendid one

The world is a giant merry-go-round
Oh what a perfect place we’ve found
Bees and trees and the seas and Sun
Make this ride a brilliant one

I Want To Play

It’s never easy for me to stay still
Sitting with a straight face against my will
I want to play
In this summer day
Looking out the window imagining stuff
Staying indoors with Dad is so tough
I want to hop
In this summer non-stop
Dad hands me a phone so I won’t moan
That’s not the thing that I would own
I want the clouds
And I want to go out
I wonder when dads actually grow up
Wishing the child in them would show up
So I can play
In this summer day

Why Should I Study All Day?

Why should I study all day?
Because Daddy says so
Why should I not watch TV?
Because Mommy says so
Why should I take out the trash?
Because Daddy says so
Why should I do the dishes?
Because Mommy says so
Why should I do this?
Because Daddy says so
Why should I not do that?
Because Mommy says so
Why should I eat veggies?
Because Daddy says so
Why should I not have fries?
Because Mommy says so

I wonder what they were like
When they were kids themselves
Were they always so boring?
Or did they lose themselves somewhere?
I cannot wait to grow up
Have many kids of my own
Together we’ll watch TV till it’s late
Play games and never moan

The Day My Zip Came Off

I was at school sitting still
When suddenly I felt a chill
I looked down and gave a cough
Yes my zip had come off

Very subtly I gave a try
To fix this damned and awful fly
Alas it was but in vain
I vowed to never stand up again

It was then that I heard a call
Of our Maths teacher — Ms. Bichenall
She wanted me to look less bored
And solve the problem on the board

I felt some drops of sweat appear
As the outcome became more clear
Not exactly sure what I was thinking
I began to act like I was drinking

Jumped up and went straight for the door
With a book hiding my core
My senses must have gone to roam
I hopped the gate and dashed to home

This is not bad as it is
I only must see a psychiatrist
To avoid embarrassment to my name
I’m now treated as insane