Rip My Heart Out

Rip my heart out
Break it into two
Burn it, bury it
Do whatever you want to do

Rip my heart out
Stamp it under your feet
Stamp, stamp it hard
Stamp. Stamp. Repeat

Rip my heart out
Feed it to the rats
If any is left over
Give it to the gnats

Rip my heart out
Every moment it lives
Every beat hurts me so
So much pain it gives

Rip my heart out
Ensure that it dies
I will only know peace
When pulseless it lies

Take My Heart And Break It

Take my heart and break it
It troubles me all day
Thinks about you all the time
What more is there to say?

Take my heart and break it
Easier for you than me
I would have done it myself
But I’m too weak you see

Take my heart and break it
As hard as you possibly can
Shatter it into pieces so that
It never repairs itself again

Take my heart and break it
It has only known unease
Time is ripe to end it now
Would you do the honours please?

Break The Wall

Why don’t you send me a text?
Or call me on my phone?
Without you I am nothing
Without you I’m all alone

You know I am too weak
Too scared to break the wall
But if I were to hear your voice
I’d pass right through it all

I’m waiting for a signal
Waiting for a sign
Just send me a simple ‘Hello’
Oh I’d feel so fine

Now I know my purpose
The reason for my birth
Oh I had to lose you
To understand your worth

Just tell me nothing’s changed
That you still feel the same
Oh my ears are dying
To hear you say my name

I’d leave the world for you
We’ll make a whole new start
Just tell me if there is still
A little love left in your heart

Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

Let my heart cry a little tonight
Let my eyes be wet
Let my soul emit more light
So I can forget

My heart is still so very young
But it feels so old
Words that flew off from my tongue
Should never have been told

Make my heart more complicate
Then there’ll be nothing new
Like my lungs that suffocate
Coloured in poison-blue

Let my heart cry a little tonight
To help me ease my pain
Hoping the tears of this night
Shall never come back again

Don’t Fire Your Arrows At Me

Don’t fire your arrows at me
Don’t pierce my soul this way
Don’t make me bleed anymore now
My heart is in decay

I don’t consider it a battle
You make it seem a war
I have never held a weapon
Or fought someone before

I was thrown in this arena
I wasn’t meant to be here
This excruciating pain
Doesn’t disappear

I surrender to your might
No longer I can compete
I have to bleed myself out
And swallow this defeat

Crush me once and for all
Show me not your sympathy
Bury me cold, alive but
Don’t fire your arrows at me

A Little Hungry, A Little Poor

My head’s a little hungry
My heart’s a little poor
I’ve always been fearful
I’ve never been sure
I keep delaying things
I keep running round
Like an unknown planet
Waiting to be found
I could change myself but it still will be me
I could never walk straight right through a door
For my head will always be hungry
And my heart will always be poor

My lips are tasteless
My eyes are a blur
I’ve always been frightened
Of that there’s no cure
I keep learning things
I keep forgetting folks
I remember every tear
Hidden in my jokes
I know all about the world but nothing about me
I’ve a desk full of honours, prizes galore
But my head will always be hungry
And my heart will always be poor

My dreams are quite simple
My thoughts I adore
My pulses are special
Down to the core
I have a lot of problems
I am full of flaws
I am indecisive
It’s part of my clause
Whatever I am, whatever I may be
Silly, foolish, naive, dumb, immature
But my head will always be hungry
And my heart will always be pure

Common Diseases

You never really know Malaria
Unless you get it
You would not know Chickenpox
Until you’ve caught it
The same thing applies to
Common cold, broken bones
Or Pneumonia or Tuberculosis
Or Diabetes or Asthma
Or even Obesity

No matter how much you’ve heard of them
Or seen people suffer from them
You are never really prepared
To defend yourself from their attacks
When one day you wake up and find
That despite all your precautions
You have been caught

Same holds true for Love


There was once a rabbit
Who ate nothing but steel
When somebody asked him
He said, “It’s no big deal.”
He chewed off pieces of steel
That he could ever find
Had them all day and ensured
That he left no scraps behind
Some frog jokingly called him
“Hey, Man of…, I mean, Rabbit of Steel
Why don’t you go save the world?
Then tell us how it feels.”
But the rabbit contemplated
— Boy, the frog is right
I must pack my bags at once
Save the world from fright
Ever since that blessed day
He’s been fighting all sorts of fears
It’s been a-many centuries
It’ll be many more years
So if you ever feel afraid
Of anything or anyone
Just call out to your rabbit friend
All your fears will be gone