A Love Must Die

We’re so apart and it hurts too much
I can’t handle the pain
I wonder if you’re doing all right
Nights are lonely and days are long
Makes it hard to stay strong
I talk to myself sometimes all night
A love must die or a heart’ll bleed
There is a gap left by your light
There’s a hole in my soul
Only you can heal me now with your touch
Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows
But it’s all the same to me
Without you, life is incomplete
A love must die so the other could breed
Call my name and set me free
Take my heart away
It isn’t much but it’s all I’ve got
Maybe together we won’t last a day
Unless we give our all
Now my fate lies in your heart
Life is short and love is pure
Some things are never meant to be
A love must die so a life could breathe

104 thoughts on “A Love Must Die

  1. Love comes in many ways and not all of them are meant to tear you apart. But when you end up with such a love…oh, that’s a maddening pain. It takes time to let it fade, to let it sink somewhere in a remote corner of the soul. I don’t think love ever dies; not the unfulfilled ones. They haunt us from time to time, like ghosts escaped from the dungeon.

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  2. Frank, did you ever think about her feelings? About what she want? Did you ever ask her or did you tell her what you tell us in your blog? Do she know about your feelings?

    What would be if she read your name in her sky, too? If she would lurking for your eyes on streets and longing for to be close to you? What if she is longing for death to make an end of her pain? What if she can’t live without you? What if she is waiting for you to safe her?

    Do you know that or do you feel fear for her answers?

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  3. My writing comes from a similar place, I really enjoy how you articulate yourself in your posts,
    Keep up the good work, and whatever happens at least your words will become your digital legacy to such moments in your life.

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  4. Loving is dying on my inside… I just can’t understand what love means. Always thought it was pretty straight forward until the day she said “I love you but I don’t really want to be with you. I want to be alone… and I don’t want to hurt you.” She pushes me away while she’s getting busier like she was all the time. :C

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      1. “She shut me off as easily as turning off a water faucet. Why do I still think of her?” Actual quote from a actual man after a 25 year marriage ended. Men, it seems, are the sensitive ones after all.

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