I Wish I Was A Better Man

I wish I was a drop of rain

Falling down on earth

When I die I’ll feel no pain

For all that I was worth

I wish I was a little bird

With wings to soar the sky

Every morning I’ll be heard

As I sing and fly

I wish I was a better man

With no sin against my name

For I won’t be praying then

To help me heal my shame

117 thoughts on “I Wish I Was A Better Man

  1. Frank,
    I have been writing poetry over twenty years, now, and you are one of the best I’ve seen. Great imagery. Great metaphorical devices. Man, keep up the good work, and, I think you are a good man. Keep up the great work. Poetry saved my life. Stay creative !!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the ‘like’ on my post. Apologies for my tardiness as am still catching up on some reading! Peace and blessings 🙂

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  3. Love your poem for its musicality of rhymes when read aloud and also for its profound content. Guess every one of us wants to be like that little bird whose singing melody has no name but perhaps one day it will.

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  4. Frank, don’t let your feelings kill your spirit. This poem has my name written between the lines. People overwhelm us, what we fail at disturbs us and the bar is lifted too high. Man seems to survive instead of live. Hang in there

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  5. Well written and I couldn’t help but think of a song a friend sent me the link
    to a while back – might not be your kind of music but if you get a chance
    check out What Makes a Good Man by The Heavy.

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  6. PTL! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! You give so much to others to read and think on in a very creative way. Even if you don’t do the awards, I still wanted to let others know about your site, and to let you know you are appreciated! God loves you!

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  7. Thanks for the like… And I want to say there is no pain in death. Because there is no death, It is all but a dream trust me Frank been to the other side and back… it’s just like sleeping no pain, you don’t even know you’re gone…And before you know anything, they bring you back… you thought you was just sleeping.

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