I Drew A Bird And It Came To Life

I drew a bird and it came to life
I got excited and told my wife
She didn’t believe a single word
For there wasn’t any sign of the bird
The window was open. She must have flown away
To cause my heart enormous dismay
So just to prove that I was true
I told her, “I’d draw again for you.”
She stopped my hand and told me, “Wait.”
“Why don’t you draw a piece of chocolate?”

111 thoughts on “I Drew A Bird And It Came To Life

  1. I am intrigued with your birdie learning to fly series. I have a different question for you though, your blog tagline: “if you want to be a hero follow me”, may I ask the inspiration for that? I have a suspicion, colored heavily by my own life perspective and am curious to know if I am correct. I’ll give a hint of my suspicion: Fort Benning. πŸ™‚

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