Not Myself Anymore

Every breath is marked to you
Every heartbeat is calling out your name
Ever since I’ve met you
I haven’t been the same

These eyes long for the sight of you
These ears long for your voice
Ever since I’ve met you
I’ve been left with no choice

The days I spend dreaming of you
The nights just seem so long
Ever since I’ve met you
Everything else just seems so wrong

Every word is a struggle
Every line is a war
Ever since I’ve met you
I haven’t been myself anymore

Every breath is marked to you
Every heartbeat is calling out your name
Ever since I’ve met you
I haven’t been the same


248 thoughts on “Not Myself Anymore

  1. Thank you for your lovely words, touched my heart to beat faster. I would love to post these words to my friends so they can appreciate.
    Thanks for liking my RFU 6 Nations

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  2. I enjoyed reading the post.
    Thank you for liking my recent post “Think About the Personal Life” on the Personal Idea blog.
    All the best.

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  3. I can relate to this exactly. Beautiful. Personally, my heart is broken. I m still trying to figure out why his spiritual presence, which is very real, still makes me long for his body, which is eternally gone. It s crazy.

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  4. You have a beautiful piece of artwork here. Continue writing more poems and you’ll be proud of your work. By the way, thanks for liking my new blog. I just signed in here and decided to post one blog and I’m glad that someone appreciated it.

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  5. Great piece. The syncopation is musical. I like how the line “Ever since I’ve met you” brings back the central theme like an echo. I wish I could write poetry like this some day.

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  6. I find it extremely uplifting that poetry is still alive and continuing to being created. These days it seems that written creative expression is limited to tweets. Very nice expression on some of these works. I also write/wrote poetry, but haven’t found the nerve to expose it to the criticism of the world. They are more personal and raw…unlike other forms of expression. Kudos to you.

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  7. Frank…As I read this poem I began to think you were inside my head writing about what you found there. I often enjoy reading here, but this one really hit me over the head.

    I know these sentiments so well…they are painfully familiar. You struck at the very heart of me.

    Thanks so much for this poem and for your visits to my own blog. I haven’t posted a poem in a while, but maybe I will work on it now that you have inspired me.

    Kind regards…John H.

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