I Rented Out My Heart To You

I rented out my heart to you
I thought you’d keep it good
Never asked my monthly due
As any landlord would

But you took me for a ride
The place is now a mess
The damages can’t be denied
Have left me in distress

No apologies or anything
You left behind no sign
A fool I was to expect something
From a girl without a spine

Now I’ll keep my heart with me
Never let it out on rent
Though it may seem a bit empty
I will feel a lot more content

How Should I Let Go Of You?

How should I let go of you?
Should I burn all photographs?
Should I erase every embrace
Every tear and every laugh?
Should I delete the memories
That take up space on my phone?
Tell me what I should be doing
So that your memories be gone
Should I ignore my head
For rewinding those happy days?
Should I ignore my heart
Where you hold a special place?
All these thoughts they confuse me
I don’t know what to do
How does one heal a broken heart?
How should I let go of you?

Without You, Without You

The blue skies don’t feel so blue
The daisies have lost their hue
The wise words don’t seem so true
Without you, without you

The green fields don’t feel so green
I’m staring at an empty screen
Everything’s lost in between
Without you, without you

The yellow sun is not the same
If I don’t get to call your name
Life becomes an endless game
Without you, without you

The black hole in my heart
Is consuming all the other parts
Slowly, surely, I am falling apart
Without you, without you

Without you, oh, without you
No colour seems to catch my view
I’m left with nothing good to do
Without you, without you

A Broken Man With Lots Of Gold

Rich and rich as I may be
I’m troubled by my memory
Yes those memories with thoughts
They tie my heart up in knots
Those thoughts are always full of you
Choke my veins through and through
You and all the things of past
Cut my breath and lungs apart
You’re in my head when I try to sleep
The reason why I wake and weep
For soon as you come to mind again
I’m reminded of this constant pain
All this pain I cannot hold
I’m a broken man with lots of gold
Rich and rich as I may be
I cannot erase my memory