I Once Wrote A Nonsense Poem

I once wrote a nonsense poem
It was knobuily at best
I didn’t bother ewiting it
Like others do at stest

I put it on my blog for bonspers
To read and find cort delight
Presently I yestered a mail
In the swelly of the night

The person gargled that my poem
Was trunderously his
The scavege words he had written
The yearth before this

We frabbed each other in a court
The frabbing is still ongoing
Who would have known a nonsense poem
Would end up being klodpowing

Today’s My Day

Today’s my day, my day, my day
All the fools come out to play
Come together
My friends will gather
And waste the whole day away

Today my joy, my joy, my joy
Will be shared by each girl and boy
Invent new tricks
Give us some kicks
So many ways for us to enjoy

Today’s my turn, my turn, my turn
A chance for me to earn
Smiles on faces
Visit new places
Fling away all of my concerns

Today I will I will I will
Dance, jump but stay not still
Without any bother
Joke one another
Wouldn’t it be a massive thrill?

Tomorrow again, again and again
Yes tomorrow once again
We’ll disappear
For a year
Till this day is back again

Some Monsters Are Purple

Some monsters are purple
Some are made of ham
Some monsters are scary
But I’m not one of them

Some monsters have eyes
As big as my skull
Some monsters are orange
But I am nearly dull

Some monsters have hands
That stretch far and wide
Some monsters speak languages
That I have not yet tried

Some monsters are gory
Chasing the smell of blood
Some monsters play with ghosts
While I play with mud

Why am I made like this?
Deprived of such joy
I’m not even a monster
Just a human boy

It’s a Trap

Don’t go to work now it’s a trap
Don’t put up with that kind of crap
Why hog and slog just like a dog
When you can sleep well like a log

To all the misters and the ma’ams
Don’t get married now it’s a scam
It’s over-rated and just no good
You’re better off living in the woods

Avoid school at all costs
Run from college no matter what
Go instead to a library my friend
Read and read for hours on end

Now I’ll tell you what’s really wrong
What I’ve been meaning all along
Don’t be born now be really smart
That’s when all the troubles start

Another Kill

Betsy and I want to play
But there are no green grounds
We look left we look right
It’s just concrete all around

Dust, dust and only dust
Greet us wherever we go
No trees or flowers or even shrubs
Are within a mile or so

Is this why we have evolved?
Is this how we’re meant to be?
Puffing out giant clouds of smoke
Your nefarious factories

What development do you get
Looking out just for yourself
Think of all the plants and animals
Who can’t even cry for help

Repent, regret and mend your ways
There is plenty of time still
Choose carefully your next step
Before you make another kill