She Gave Me A Rainbow

I gave her a fist of breath
She gave me a smile
I gave her a miracle
She gave me my joy
I looked in her eyes
She looked into mine
I saw my whole world
She saw the same too
I gave her the sunshine
She gave me a shelter
I gave her a heart
She gave me a hope
Just when I had lost my way
She lit up my day
My faith was all broken
She fixed me up
I gave her a thought
She gave me a dream
I was a mountain snow
She gave me a rainbow


A Poet Who Died In The Gutter

I’m a son who betrayed his father for a piece of land
I’m a brother who cheated his siblings with a rogue hand
I’m a friend to all those men who are useful and rich
While the real friendships I had lie in a  lonely ditch
I’m a husband who was never there to wipe her tears
I’m a father who abandoned his daughter for several years
Finally, I’m all alone with the open skies and the birds who flutter
I’m a poet, hear my final song, who died in the gutter

A Clown Who Cried In The Alley

On my way I saw a tear
On the barren road so clear
A little ahead there were more
Sorrowful like the one before
Intrigued I was to know whose wail
Had left behind a teary trail
I followed the tears to where they led
With the sunny sun shining overhead
The weather was cheerful bright and gay
Who could be crying on such a beautiful day?
Maybe a mother who has lost her boy
Maybe a girl who has lost her toy
Maybe a bird whose wings are cut
Maybe a man whose heart was hurt
So many thoughts popped in my head
To an alley as I was led
There I saw sitting all alone
The man we call ‘The Funny Bone’
His crying I saw had just no ends
His head was down hid in his hands
I stood there confused thinking what to do
I never knew clowns dropped tears too
Then suddenly my mind did click
Surely it was just another trick

Roar Of A Wave

All day long
I sing along
Sing along my soulful song
In your ears
I whisper words
Words to warn your wild ways
You just laugh
You think it’s play
That someone be mightier than you
You keep up
Just play along
Someday I’ll consume your land
As they say
I run deep
Only as much as I can take
Then you watch
When I roar
Your feet be trembling then
I’ll wash away
Your sins and grief
I’ll wash away your holy land

In The Mouth Of A Graveyard

Though I know the end is nigh
I keep walking on
For I hear my brother cry
Crying all alone

My mother keeps not too well
Her ail is unknown
I remember that she did foretell
Dying all alone

For my father is out of reach
Buried ‘neath a stone
With all words that he did preach
Sighing all alone

Now’s my turn to throw my guard
And keep walking on
In the mouth of a graveyard
Walking all alone

Sharp Swords

In my dreams there’re hundred guns
In the hands of young children
They rule the world, they terrorize
With false glory in their eyes
Though little kids, they’re really strong
With their own set of right and wrong
Driven by an evil squad
No fear of death or even God
They think they’re moral and they’re right
Oh the dreams I have at night
I also have them through the day
Nothing more than the new world’s way

Wild Wolves

Dark streets, tiny feet
Pretty darling, come home
Don’t lose your way
Just come home
Keep faith, walk straight
Let the lights guide you
Where you belong
Just come home
Don’t fall down, just calm down
The angels watch you right now
They’ll pray for you
I’ll do too
Lose your fears, don’t shed tears
I’ve taught you to be brave
Give a smile
Just come home
Wild wolves chase you
Too young to know that
Don’t lose your way
Just come home