Clothe Yourself With Love

Clothe yourself with love

From head to the sole

Watch yourself protected

From harms to your soul

Clothe yourself with love

Keep it simple and plain

Love is best when true

Not extravagant

Clothe yourself with love

For it is all you need

In this world of hatred

Immorality and greed

Clothe yourself with love

You’ll never need to change

Even when the weather

Is stormy and strange

You Always Love Me

Why do you always love me?

Even if I’m wrong, you hold me

You take away my frown

Whenever I am down

You just always love me

I may not show it to you

I have a fear I might lose you

It’s when I am home

And all on my own

I just always miss you

Baby your love completes me

Whenever it comes and greets me

You are my all

My heart and my soul

You just always love me

Foolish Things

If you see someone crazy

Jumping up and down

Know that fool’s in love

A new joker in our town

If you see someone stupid

Dancing like a child

Know that fool’s in love

A love passionate and wild

If you see an idiot

Smiling at the skies

Know that fool’s in love

It’s so clear in their eyes

If, on the streets, you see me

Acting like I’ve wings

Know that I’m in love

Doing foolish things

You Love Me In The Morning

You love me in the morning

When all is fresh and new

Every passing moment seems brighter

For the sky is turning blue

You will love me in the noon

When bees hover over flowers

Nature will be at her finest

The sun will be in his powers

But will you love me in the eve

When flowers drop their heads

Cold winds begin to blow

Over the frail and the dead?

And will you love me in the night

When darkness encompasses you

When it is difficult to see

Even a love that is true?

Aesop’s Fables: The Partridge And The Fowler

A fowler caught a partridge

For his evening meal

The partridge pleaded, “Spare me

I’ll make you a very good deal

I’ll bring you other partridges

If you show me mercy

Permit me to live now

And make this deal with me.”

The fowler replied, “I shall

Now take your life away

With less scruple because

Of what I heard you say

You want to make a deal

Where you will betray

All your friends and family

To save your wings of bay.”