God, Love and Life (And Wife)

I wandered in search of meaning

Of God and love and life —

Is there a reason why we’re born?

Is there a reason for a wife?

I spoke to wise men and fools

Observed them from near and far

Watched the birth of a child

And the dying of a star

I travelled to varied places

Served as nature’s guest

Saw her at her darkest

And saw her at her best

But I was none the wiser

Trial after trial

So I went and got married

And watched her walk the aisle

Then I got myself a kid

Then another and more

The bigger my family got

The more I was unsure

So I asked all my doubts

To my lovely wife

Asked her if she had any clue

About God and love and life

She looked at me bewildered

Then spoke on with a nod

“Life is about loving

And loving is about God.”

Her answer seemed so simple

I concluded at once

My wife may be a beauty

But she’s a real dunce


Catching Sleep

I am always trying

Trying to catch some sleep

If I ever grab her

It is what I’d keep

Then I wouldn’t let go

Of her for a spell

Ten to twelve odd hours

She’d make me feel so well

But she’s on the run

She is always running

Running away from me

The more I try to catch her

She farther seems to be

Don’t know why she’s like this

She must really love this game

Hiding in night’s darkness

Escaping all the blame

She is on the run

Well I know she knows me

And how much I love her

Work and cash — I’m grudging

To place it all above her

As soon as I attain her

She fears I won’t yearn

For her and her company

So she’s on the run

She is on the run

There’s A Bird On A Tree

There’s a bird on a tree

Sings all day, sings to me

She always is at her best

Even though I broke her nest

I look outside my window

See her sing, smile some more

There’s a man — shameless man

Curse him, Lord, as you can

Took a stone, threw at me

Broke my house on this tree

Then he comes, smiles at me

When I abuse endlessly

Frank’s Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream

In that dream I saw her

She was looking gorgeous

Stunning like no other

She had a pretty red dress

And flowers in her hair

Her skin was glowing, radiant

Her hands; soft, her feet; bare

I was lost in her beauty

Nothing seemed surreal

Everything was perfect

Everything was ideal

I got down on my knees

Then I proposed to her

But woke up before she could

Say, ‘Yes, always. Forever.’

The dream must have a meaning

Of that I am quite sure

But I am no psycho quack

Of that also I am sure

So I went and asked my girl

Psychology excites her

“Tell me what my dream could mean.”

But all she said was, “Duh.”

Her answer left me perplexed

It must be more than just ‘Duh’

Sometimes I really wonder

‘Why did I even ask her?’

A Man With Money

Do you wanna hear a funny

Tale of a man with money?

Well, there was a man with money

He, one day, said, “Listen, Honey

We’ll put our money in shares

And we’ll soon be millionaires

That’s how our old friend, Gary

Mary Livingstone and Harry

Made tons of money overnight

Honey, do you think I’m right?”

His wife didn’t like the thought

But she didn’t bother a lot

“Do what you must or will

As long as you pay my bills.”

So the man set off next day

And put all his money away

In all sorts of stocks and shares

To end all of their despairs

But now he had no cash

For his wife to swag and flash

The stocks fell, she felt remorse

Soon she filed for divorce

And a hefty alimony was won

Only left the man with a son

But the man didn’t bother to mope

For he had a lot of hope

With his shares to end his strife

And he’d find another wife

Days passed by and years went too

The man felt lonely and blue

And his son didn’t find it amusing

That all his stocks were losing

For now he had a wife of his own

And he didn’t want to end up alone

And he had a lot of sons too

T’was getting hard to keep the two

But the man didn’t budge a bit

Though his stocks took a mighty hit

Now his son went and left him too

And took all his grandsons too

The man didn’t bother to mope

For he had a lot of hope

That his fortune was about to turn

And soon he’d bring back his son

Days passed by and years went too

And one day out of the blue

His shares saw a tremendous rise

All the prices touched the skies

He went and sold his shares

Thanked God for answering his prayers

But tragedy struck the next day

The unfortunate man passed away

His grandsons found it very funny

Amongst them, they split the money

And that’s the funny, funny, funny

Tale of a man with money


Daddy’s a real devil

Mommy’s quite evil too

Martha – ever since you’re born

They only have time for you

Early in the morning

When I awake and rise

I see they’re already up

To appease your noisy cries

They serve me vegetables

And say it’s for my good

My dissent and rebellion

Are never understood

While you get all the love

And all the tasty food

Even though you say nothing

You’re always understood

They send me to school while

You have fun with them all day

They even give you my collection

Of action figures to play

Then they expect me to sleep

Pretty much on my own

While Daddy reads a tale to you

And Mommy sings a song

Hear all the tales from Daddy

Listen to all Mommy’s tunes

Laugh and cry all day and night

And play in the afternoons

Enjoy while you can Martha

You will grow up soon

We’re going to have a new sibling

Before the end of June

May The Test Match Win

Everything is a mess

I’m in such a great stress

Watching these thrilling sports

It is hard to think

Even harder to blink

When there’s a team your heart supports

It is just too much to take

My poor heart needs a break

Is there a single game

That is feeble and lame

To save me from another ache?

So these sports I then ditched

A few channels I switched

When they ran a commercial break

I gave up in despair

When almost unaware

I found a dull sport by mistake

Then my hopes rose and soared

As my mind got pretty bored

My heart jumped and leapt

As I almost slept

Watching how the batsmen scored

There were a couple of men

And other eleven

And all of them were dressed in whites

There was no urgency

Or even vibrancy

Finally a sport that doesn’t excites

From all that I observed and saw

It had nothing to cause awe

Five days they packed no punch

Amidst play they had lunch

And the match was declared a draw