I think I am forgetting something I shouldn’t forget
I’ve marked it on the calendar but the reason hasn’t struck yet
Is it Anne’s anniversary? Is it Beth’s birthday?
Am I supposed to be at home? Or go out with Beyonce?
Am I supposed to be at Fred’s to catch a football game?
If I’ve stood you up today, I am not to blame
Blame it on my memory. It’s faulty and it’s frail
Storage is all well and good but retrieval is a fail
That’s what age makes you do. Everything goes astray
Oh boy I can’t remember just what it is today


What’s The Point?

What’s the point
In celebrating birthdays?
I did it last year
And the year before that
It’s getting predictable
And repetitive

What’s the point?
I’m moving a step closer
To my final destination
Have I found my purpose?
Have I done my bit?
Is it worth celebrating?

What’s the point?
I’m only getting old
My body isn’t the same
Can’t seem to remember a lot
It’s lonely and depressing
Nobody’s even wished me yet

Wait a minute
Is it even my birthday today?

Let me check the calendar

Oh… it’s not today. Dang!

Life suddenly became quite pleasant

The Greatest Human – Part 2

I’m the smartest human
There ever has lived
That’s what my mother tells me
That’s what I’ve always believed
Mathematical equations
Are just a piece of cake
Even those cipher codes
Too hard for you to break
I’ve invented the teleporter
Time travelling machine
So many other devices
That nobody has ever seen
I have got a robot
That does what I want him to do
But I’m yet to make a tool
To measure my own IQ
Yes, I am a genius
I hope I was quite clear
I don’t like to brag
Don’t tell nobody I’m here

The Greatest Human

I’m the fastest human
I run at a lightning pace
It’s just that I have never
Bothered to run a race
I can swim a mile
In ten seconds or maybe less
Take the same amount of time
To beat you in a game of chess
I can play football
But it never appealed to me
I can make shaolin soccer
Look quite ordinary
All these games are boring
A complete waste of time
Why don’t they have Olympics
For making two words rhyme?

I Forgot My Poem On Moon

I was writing a poem
While cleaning my teleporting machine
A few moments later
I was next to a spacecraft’s engine
Three, two, one
I heard the dreaded countdown
A few moments later
I went flying out of town
The engine was burning hot
I was going to burst like a balloon
A few moments later
I found myself on Earth’s moon
Fellow astronauts were shocked
To see a stranger with a broom
A few moments later
I teleported back inside my room
The poem I was writing
I could not trace it anywhere
Wait a minute
Did I forget it up there?

The Ideas That Come And Go

Oh I seek you insanely all day
Without you I lay blank here
You never seem to come my way
As soon you come you disappear
When I lay down to fall asleep
You come out then to say hello
Since I saved no space to keep
You I suspend till ‘morrow
When I wake with the morning light
You are gone with no single trail
No memory of your sound or sight
Not even of your head or tail