All My Problems Are Hungry

All my problems are hungry
They need to be well fed
Lest they will keep troubling
Me and my little head

All my problems are thirsty
They need water everyday
Or they will drink my blood
That is what they say

I have no option really
I give them what I can
They keep growing larger
The more I keep feeding them

I’ll be out of supplies
Very soon, if you may know
I don’t know what I’ll do then
I don’t know where I’ll go

That’s not my only worry
Of that I am very sure
Those problems keep giving births
To new problems and many more


The only person who can judge you is You
The only one you need to compare yourself with is You
The only one you need to be better than is You
The only person who matters is You

The only hands that’ll work on your dreams are Yours
The only feet that will bear the brunt are Yours
The only voice that you can hear is Yours
The only efforts that count are Yours
The only body that can heal your wounds is Yours
The only mind you can understand is Yours
The only heart that’ll know your pain is Yours
The only life you can define is Yours

The only one who can inspire you is You
The only person who can break your heart is you
The only person who can make you happy is You
The only one is You

But Let It Be

I’ve got a house but it’s empty
A head full of memory
A heart but no soul in me
But let it be

The limbs are always so weary
Thoughts always so scary
Never thought I’d be so lonely
But let it be

Drowning in this massive sea
Only darkness and catastrophe
As far as I can see
But let it be

For once let me disagree
I’m neither safe nor sorry
Fighting without a family
But let it be

All the stars tell their story
All the birds sing atop a tree
I wanna reach that glory
But let it be

Now I sing so carelessly
Now I rant so endlessly
Pick me up and set me free
Or let it be

Dear Today

Dear Today,

Yesterday was bad
Tomorrow is uncertain
You are all I have

Yesterday made me cry
Tomorrow will make me cry
You make me smile

Yesterday makes me feel young
Tomorrow makes me feel old
You make me feel as I am

Yesterday gave me dreams
Tomorrow gives me hope
You give me time to act

Yesterday made me sad
Tomorrow will make me sad
You make me happy

So you see it’s difficult
To deal with all three of you at once
So I’m going to choose you
Forget about the other two
I’m yours
You are mine
Let’s do something beautiful

Let Me Write A Poem Today

Let me write a poem today
Now that the internet is down
A deadly virus has locked us
I can’t go out in town

Let me write a poem today
No friends or foes to call to
Unimportant work around
Very little else to do

Let me write a poem today
Though my heart feels nothing
Writing might trigger an emotion
About someone somewhere something