Then You Came Along

I was lonely. I was sad

I had lost everything that I ever had

I had nothing but time

No family, house, car or dime

Then you came along

Everything turned so wrong

I forgot that I was ever sad

You made me happy. You made me glad

Like you were an evil witch

You turned my fortunes. Made me rich

Now I just don’t understand

What to do with the cash in hand

Why don’t you just go away?

There’s so much tax that I have to pay

Give me back my time and space

I don’t want to see your face

Is this some devious plot of yours?

To gift me a healthy Swedish horse

All this wealth – this isn’t me

I want to go back to writing poetry

84 thoughts on “Then You Came Along

  1. Hmm,

    it was a witch
    she made me a player on the pitch
    that gave me a stitch
    ditched the witch
    back writing poetry
    now I am really rich

    Love your words Frank!

    Thanks for hopping over to nothingcluelesslost again.

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  2. A love relationship with money and wealth can give us a sense of false security. If one partner does not leave the other(s) the necessary space to breathe there is no way to feel happy. It is not the right relationship. Human beings need time for ourselves. If we have one or more partners they need to understand that we need to be alone and to create, do art, write or engage in scientific research. Love the two last lines about the poet’s defense.

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      1. Woah! I love your ideas…
        I love how u write and make me think u might have dealt with it or something.
        Yur words make me feel every single thing. Lovely❤
        I haven’t got much words. I just love your writing too much❤

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  3. Frank, I do take it that you were swamped by earthly wealth – or was it too much attention taking away time for solitude. Hope you found your own happiness again.
    I am also puzzled about the “Swedish Horse” ? Being Swedish myself I have never heard this and as far as I can see an English horse and a Swedish look very much the same.

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    I’m a stern keeper
    You can try to bend me, go behind my back,
    But alas, nothing goes unnoticed by me
    And despite all your efforts, I only flow straight;
    I’m so memorable that you want so bad to become my keeper;
    But I’m my own keeper and
    The only changing Immortal…

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