If Death Is A Guest

Death is a guest
Who visits but just once
To all the good people
And all the bad ones
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich
Poor, filthy or clean
Healthy or unwell
Wide awake or in a dream
She’d meet you when she pleases
Knock heavily at your heart
Enter without permission and
Snatch your soul and then depart

Would she be well greeted
If her visit was well announced
Or would she be most welcomed
If she dropped in unannounced?

God Must Exist

You turn my words into poems
My notes into a song
My moments into experiences
Everything right from wrong

You make darkness beautiful
Without you there’s no light
Every colour feels glorious
As long as you’re in sight

You take away my sorrow
Bring me back my laugh
You multiply my happiness
Divide my grief in half

They haven’t found a proof for God
But I know that He must be
For He sent you down on Earth
He sent you down for me

What Best Describes You?

What best describes you?

Is it your eyes where I can see all the stars of the universe blinking?

Is it your hair that flows attractively with the cool breeze?

Is it your smile that sends lightning and thunder through my body?

Is it your hands that assure me that I will never be alone?

Is it the way you talk that is melody to my ears?

Is it the way you walk that leaves diamond footprints in the path?

Is it your heart that speaks to mine like nobody else does?

Or is it that words and languages are too small to describe someone like you?

Our Story

Your story started here
My story started there
But the starting doesn’t matter
For the starting I don’t care

Somewhere along the road
Your story merged with mine
That made our story beautiful
With the touch of divine

So far the story’s been good
But a lot of it is pending
Well, I’m sure we’ll be together
And have a happy ending

So I Held Her Hand

Dark days are looming
Wild storm is close
Who’ll be able to make it?
That nobody knows
All of us are strangers
In a foreign land
So I closed my eyes and
So I held her hand

I can sense a danger
Smell it from afar
I can see some trouble
Coming where we are
I can also feel the comfort
In her every strand
I had to be myself again
So I held her hand

I can fight a lion
A mountain all alone
How can I ever raise my hand
When the enemy’s unknown?
In an apocalyptic world
The end was always planned
Nothing else could matter now
So I held her hand

There’s no point in cryin’
In screaming; so just dance
There’s very little we can do
We hardly stand a chance
Although my veins and bones are strong
I can barely stand
Nobody is staying sane
So I held her hand

There may be no escapin’
All the hopes are out
All the doors are locked and shut
About it there’s no doubt
There could be just a single moment
Before we’re turned to sand
So I closed my eyes and
So I held her hand

If It Weren’t For You

If it weren’t for you
Who’d right me when I’m wrong?
Who’d help me write this song?
Who’d carelessly sing along?
Where would I even belong?

If it weren’t for you
Who would be my source of fun?
Who’d rid dark clouds one by one
To help me see the sun?
How would I get anything done?

If it weren’t for you
How would I spend my day?
How would my day then pass away?
What would I have all day to say?
Would the sun shine down my way?

If it weren’t for you
Where on earth would I even be?
How would I know what’s family?
Who’d take my pain to set me free?
Who’d be stupid enough to love me?