Love, Love

If the house seems to haunt us
The devil comes to daunt us
I’ll knock on her door
Till Happiness wants us
It’s love
Love love
Love love

If the world stands divided
Battlefronts have collided
We’ll stay together
For our hearts are united
If dark clouds are descendin’
Night knows no endin’
My armour and I
Your heart be defendin’
It’s love
Love love
Love love

When all hearts are dyin’
When all tongues are lyin’
I’ll keep you safe
From harm and cryin’
It’s love
Love love
Love love

Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love love love love
Love that keeps your heart beatin’
Love that keeps my lungs breathin’
Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love, love, love, love
Love that makes your heart stronger
Love that makes me hold you longer
Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love, love, love, love

You Are A Little Quake

You are a little quake
Disrupting in my head
Causing my mind to unsettle
Causing thorough dread

You are a little fire
Lingering in my heart
Hurting me every now and then
Tearing me apart

You are a little storm
With a purpose to destroy
Disturbing all order in me
Taking away my joy

I am a little warrior
Not taught to ever break
No matter how hard you try
You’d only be an ache

Not Good Enough For You

When I see my shadow
Hanging over me
The thoughts of yesterday come
Back to frighten me
I whisper to myself now —
What am I supposed to do?
I’m neither who you wanted
Nor good enough of you
I’m not good enough for you

There’s chaos in the winds here
I can hear them sing
Songs of melancholy
And all related things
Hang me upside down or
Give me another clue
I’m neither who you needed
Nor good enough for you
I’m not good enough for you

Moonlight bathes me with her
Silver beam of light
Fills my empty soul with
A ray of hope so bright
That I begin to question
See myself anew
I don’t need to try to
Be good enough for you
When all I am and will be
Is good enough for me

Wrong Wrong Wrong

I thought that it’d be easy
I thought that it’d be nice
Whenever I looked into your
Smoky little eyes
Whenever I watched a movie
I always thought of you
All the songs I wrote
Were always about you
Dark clouds then they gathered
Heavily poured down
Washed away everything
That you seemed to put on
It was then that I found
That I was wrong
Wrong wrong wrong
I was wrong

I thought that it’d be fun
That’s always how it goes
Whenever you talked to me
With lips so red like rose
Everywhere I looked
I only saw your face
It stirred my heart and arms
To long for your embrace
Suddenly it grew dark
Clouds came pouring down
Washed away everything
That you always had put on
It was then I realised
That I was wrong
Wrong wrong wrong
I was wrong

How was I to see
What lay beneath the skin
When so many layers
Were covering your grin?
I owe it to the clouds
That poured all over town
With that my illusions
Were so quickly gone
When they washed away the stuff
That your face always had on
Now clearly I can see
What’s right and what is wrong
Yes now clearly I can see
That I was always wrong
Wrong wrong wrong
I was wrong

Three Poems

Three poems I wrote for you
One when the sun awoke
Another when the day broke
Third when the night spoke

Three poems I wrote for you
One with my fingers
Another with my heart
Third with my soul

Three poems I wrote for you
One for you to read
Another for you to love
Third for you to remember

Three poems I wrote for you
One full of love
Another full of comfort
Third full of sorrow

Three poems I wrote for you
One for the beginning
Another for the happy days
Third for the end

Three poems I wrote for you
That’s all you were worth
Just in case you were wondering
This is the third

A Safekeeper Of Hearts

Your heart’s been broken
The scars do show
Who will you speak to?
Where will you go?

I’ve opened up a bank
It’s made just for you
Keep your heart safe in there
Only pay me my due

It will be completely safe
Here you need not fret
I’ll return it when you want
No fixed tenure is set

Even if it is broken
Give me all the parts
I’ll restore it for a fee
I’m a safekeeper of hearts

A Little Boy And A Little Girl

A little boy and a little girl
Ventured out to explore the world
They tapped their feet and danced with joy
The little girl and the little boy

The morning sun brightly shone
As they crept out of their home
What a pleasant day it was going to be
For the little girl and boy to see

They went first swimming in the sea
In the warm blue water carefully
They splashed splattered and had some fun
The boy and girl under the sun

Then they went to a giant zoo
All because the boy wanted to
Though the girl had some other plan
She fulfilled the wish of the little man

It was the afternoon of two
When they finally reached the zoo
There they saw all animals queer
A pink baboon and a golden deer

Then they stopped by some place to eat
The little girl wanted something sweet
This time it was the little boy’s turn
To partake in what the girl had chosen

Post the feast they climbed up a hill
And felt the breezy evening chill
The setting sun gave them a sign
To return home it was about time

Though they lingered around a little more
Eventually they had to reach their door
But not before bidding a sad farewell
To each other and a day spent well

This world has seen countless days
Many people and their varied ways
Yet there passed a day in this world
Forever etched in a boy and a girl