My Friends Don’t Like My Poems

My friends don’t like my poems

They find it very boring

I don’t know why they read it

I never wrote it for them


120 thoughts on “My Friends Don’t Like My Poems

  1. I’d say you need new friends,
    But their means aren’t justifiable reasons
    for your odds to be their end.
    Their approval isn’t as important as their support;
    And even if they don’t like your work –
    they still love you and brag that they “know a writer,”
    anytime the mention is of import.
    Your friends may not like your poems,
    But it’s 100% likely that they share them with all who know ’em!

    have a great day, and Happy New Year! โ˜บ

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  2. Everyone has their own taste. Includes poetry, mysteries, romance novels (and of course romance), clothes, hair styles & so on, & so on, & so on, & so on. Did I bore you with the “& so on”? If I didn’t thank you for your patience! ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

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  3. thanks for your visit to my blog. Keep writing. I wrote for my self for some years hiding my poems from other folks so I could be more honest, then one day I shared one with someone and they connected with parts of it. Now it’s much easier to share and now and then a few folks find some connecting points that get them thinking in their own directions on what they read in my poem.

    Carry on!


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  4. Just another salve for the wounds, Frank. PS thanks for the likes

    More Fool Me.

    Hey, my friends don’t read,
    I say, ‘who cares?’
    How many critics do I need?
    I’m just glad to not hear theirs.

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