What Good Is The Eternal Sunshine?

What good is the eternal sunshine

Outside my window

When there’s eternal darkness

Following my shadow?

What good is the soulful song

Sung by nightingales

When there are loud noises

Inside my chaotic head?

What good is the mighty God

In the heavens above

When my heart is filled with hatred

Instead of selfless love?


It’s A Curse! It’s A Curse

It’s a curse! It’s a curse!

The sun won’t rise for some of us

The little clock running overhead

Has run its time, and you’ll be dead

Sleep peacefully or relish the night

Tomorrow there’d be no morning light

Carry no hatred in your heart

We’re all different, but not far apart

If not today, maybe tomorrow

We’ll leave this world of joy and sorrow

For the clock is ticking on all of us

We’re all cursed! We’re all cursed!

My Home, My Paradise

On this road I stand alone

Oh my lord, just carry me home

All my fibers and all my bones

Are yours if you take me home

How much more should I sacrifice?

Lead me Lord to paradise

I’ve brought my truths and no lies

Take me now to paradise

Give me shelter in your dome

Oh my lord just take me home

May my truth and faith suffice

Lead me now to paradise

I Walked A Mile To Heaven

I walked a mile to heaven

And there I found a seat

Between the daisies and eleven

Sparrows who fondly tweet

Amongst the tweeting, chirping

I found my peace and quiet

With no sound usurping

The calmness of the sight

While I gazed and kept a-gazing

The hours passed me by

And all this while this amazing

Place stuck in my eye

When another hour came

I rose and chose to leave

Thinking that the heaven’s same

Where ever I may believe