Silent Spectators

Isn’t it amazing that in one
Part of the world a war is
Raging while the rest of the
World is carrying on normally?

It is simply stunning that in
This day and age a country
Can dare to wage war against
Another nation unabashedly

What is also worth noticing
Is that the war has been going
On for too long now; a bad
Precedent has been set in stone

I do not understand wars very well
I don’t understand power and control
I do not understand politics and economics
I don’t understand greed and victory
That comes at the cost of human lives

I do understand freedom
That we seem to take for granted
I do understand that nothing
Could justify taking an innocent life
Let alone thousands
I do understand how difficult it must be
For those who survive
Often death must seem
A kinder alternative to them

We have blood on our hands
We let this happen
We are too weak, too passive
Too silent, too uncaring
Too selfish, too diplomatic
Too busy, too foolish
The war is here and we are a part of it

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Four Years

Four years have gone by
Filled with grief and long sighs
I try to laugh but I start to cry

Next day I’ll best forget
Mistakes and regrets
I try to smile but I’m upset

I know you’re gone but you’re still there
Somewhere in this warm air
Hope you fly without a care

I’m doing well I guess so
Under your wings I lay low
Going strong going slow

Genius Son

To call me a fool would be unwise
I’ve got a little brain above my eyes
I understand maths and its quirks
And I know how the universe works
But there’s someone I am aware
Who knows more than his fair share
He’s not a typical nerdy gun
He is but my genius son
On every topic he knows more
Things I’ve never even heard before
On plain things he gives a new view
Baffles his scientist mother too
Talks very little, keeps in his room
Shows no joy or any gloom
Every time I look at his face
A hundred thoughts I can easily trace
Does his chores, cares not for school
Thinks education makes one a fool
I would’ve argued but I fear
How stupid he would make me appear
So I let him fulfil his heart’s desire
As long as he doesn’t set the house on fire

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Why Catch A Plane?

Why sing your own praises
When the birds can sing for you?
Why build more bridges
When the world is built for you?
Why paint a picture
When the sun casts its hue?
Why go to a teacher
When Nature beckons to you?
Why run an endless race
When the breeze blows for you?
Why catch a plane
When your spirit flies for you?

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Thinking Of You

Early morning when I get up from my bed
Your thoughts are spinning circles in my head
It’s these thoughts that get me through every day
Even at night they refuse to go away

I’m in class and I steal a look at you
It’s become my favourite silly-thing to do
I know you’ve caught me once or maybe twice
And then your smile has made me feel so nice

After school I go home all on my own
Hoping you’d ask me why I am walking alone
A hundred times I’ve run it in my mind
But no good answer I seem to find

At home I hardly ever seem to talk
Mom and Dad plan to send me to a doc
They worry when there is really nothing to
All I am doing is thinking of you

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She Loves Me

Her love is bigger than all the jewels adorning the queen
She loves me more than a star loves to gleam
Her love is larger than all the love that I have ever seen
She loves me more than a poet loves to dream
Her love is greater than heaven and hell and everything in between
She loves me as much as I love her it seems

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Love Me Madly

Love me
Love me like the lightning loves the thunder
Like the mind loves the wonder
Love me, love me so
Like the snow loves the mountains
Like the naughty water loves the fountains
Love me, won’t you love me so?
Love me like there’s no tomorrow
Like the winter loves the sorrow
Love me, love me now
Like a child’s love for chocolate
Unconditional and affectionate
Love me darling, love me
Like the victor loves the gloating
Like the tummy loves the bloating
Love me, love me, love me
Love me like a miser loves his money
Like the bees love their honey
Love me, sting me
Like a lion loves the roaring
Like the clouds love the pouring
Love me, love me more
Like the hearts that love the beating
Like a house loves the heating
Love me, love me always
Like the way I want you badly
Like the way I love you madly
Love me, love me

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