Foxes In My Head

All the people that I tagged as friends

Are now laughing back at me

They stare into the distance

The distance that now is me

I don’t really have a companion

No solid shoulder to cry on

No one to hear my story

When I wake up lonely at dawn

Do I really even sleep at night?

Am I permanently dreamed?

I caught foxes in my head last night

While their mother quietly screamed

I don’t want someone to ask me

If I could see the light

Just someone to hold me in the dark

And everything will be alright

There are gaps between my fingers

That are too large for you to fill

You’d wake up smiling tomorrow

But I’d be crying still

There are holes in my heart

That are too large for you to fill

You’d wake up smiling tomorrow

I don’t know if I ever will

38 thoughts on “Foxes In My Head

  1. The sad and good part is, we have to fight ourselves in it. So the good we know the solution. I still can’t trust myself even, but I stop thinking of those gaps in life.

    I am still very poor in communicating with people. I am excellent in writing.

    So reach out 100 times to get 1 hand in return 🙂

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