Calm My Soul

I need some faith to walk this way
A little light to shine today
For my heart’s a-beating faster
It’s anxiety I can’t master
Now my hands are feeling colder
Now my skin is getting older
But I intend to get this through with
Break the curse and smash the myth
Tell me which way I should run
Tell me when the running’s done
Is there a strength I need to borrow
To rid my heart of all the sorrow?
Make my legs a little braver
Swing the strong winds in my favour
Only then will I reach my goal
Only then will I calm my soul

It Wasn’t Me

I looked at the mirror and I saw
Someone else staring back at me
The face was similar to mine but
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

There was guilt all over his face
It was plain and obvious to see
Lies dripping down from his lips
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

Regret hanging from his brows
Deceit circling wild and free
Wings of envy on his nose
It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me

Then I looked at him even closely
Those eyes of sin and misery
That look was indistuingishable
It must be me, it must be me

The Husband Of Misfortune – Part 2

All my ventures have failed to pay
None of my debts seem to go away
From all directions, troubles come
I’ve lost my cars and my home
Now we live in a rented place
Whenever I’m out, I hide my face
Still the kids they laugh at me
My clothes are drenched with misery
All my shares have fallen
Last week my watch was stolen
I think I’ve forgotten how to smile
For I haven’t done it in a while
No family I can fall back upon
All my friends have moved on
Just me and my misery and my strife
And my lovely, luckless wife
I wish sometimes that I were dead
But my luck is just too bad
God doesn’t want me with Him so soon
I, the husband of Misfortune

If I Turn Into A Stranger

Tomorrow I wake up
Like every day I do
But nobody seems to know me
They all ask me – Who
Ignoring my greetings
They turn away their eyes
I’ve turned into a stranger
Nobody can recognise
My family thinks I’m mad
My friends they shut the door
Everything is the same
Though nothing is like before
Freaky and fantastic
As far as I can see
Nothing between me and the world
Nothing between the world and me

I’ll go back to slumber
My days like that be spent
For nothing’s really changed
Though everything’s different

When I Cut My Nail Too Short

When I cut my nail too short
It hurt me
But I knew I was not alone
When I caught a cold
It hurt me
But I knew I was not alone
When I broke my leg
And couldn’t walk for months
It hurt me
But I knew I was not alone
When I broke my heart
And couldn’t talk for months
It hurt me
But I knew I was not alone
When I gambled my money away
And was left with very little
What was left was hurt
But I was not alone
When I fell into depression
And turned to alcohol
It hurt me inside
But I was not alone
When I cut my wrists
In a moment of insanity
It hurt me
But I was not alone
When I fell asleep
After a brief, funny day
It hurt me
But I was not alone

Whenever I was broken
Whenever I was cut
Whenever I was shaken
I was always hurt
But I knew I was not alone
I was not alone

In every corner, every cube
Of this insignificant planet
There was a soul
Equally broken and bare
I felt their pain everytime
Just as they felt mine
We are all sad and lonely
We are all alone
Yet we are not

A Grandmother’s Woe

I woke up and I saw
My grandson in my room
On the back of a clown
Riding him like a cowboy
Swinging his imaginary lasso
Ordering him to jump
Go here and then go there
He looked at me and smiled
He wanted me to cheer him
I wanted to clap for him
But I could not
I don’t know why
But I was happy
To see him happy

My grandson fell on the floor
Blood leaking from his head
The clown looked at him hysterically
He bent down and
Started licking the blood
I shrieked in terror and disgust
That’s when I realised
My hands were tied to my bed
I screamed for help
The clown got up
Looked at me and laughed
As he melted away
With his remains splattered on the floor

My daughter-in-law came rushing
I narrated her my tale
Barely able to communicate
As I sobbed profusely
She calmed me down
Said there was nothing to worry about
“There’s no blood or clown drops on the floor
You do not even have a grandson”

My Mirror’s Playing Tricks On Me

My mirror’s playing tricks on me
It shows me not what I want to see
Just a crippled, aging man
Who’s lost in his own absurdity

Hovering around like a bee
Is my troubling anxiety
It won’t ever leave me alone
Is my mirror playing tricks on me?

Eleven rats inside of me
Are questioning my sanity
There must be a way out of here
My mirror’s playing tricks on me

Find a way to set me free
I would pay you most handsomely
For I can’t walk, nor talk or scream
My mirror keeps playing tricks on me

I think sometimes it laughs at me
Or is it an illusion I see?
This is not what I used to be
My mirror’s playing tricks on me

A Poet Who Died In The Gutter

I’m a son who betrayed his father for a piece of land
I’m a brother who cheated his siblings with a rogue hand
I’m a friend to all those men who are useful and rich
While the real friendships I had lie in a  lonely ditch
I’m a husband who was never there to wipe her tears
I’m a father who abandoned his daughter for several years
Finally, I’m all alone with the open skies and the birds who flutter
I’m a poet, hear my final song, who died in the gutter

A Clown Who Cried In The Alley

On my way I saw a tear
On the barren road so clear
A little ahead there were more
Sorrowful like the one before
Intrigued I was to know whose wail
Had left behind a teary trail
I followed the tears to where they led
With the sunny sun shining overhead
The weather was cheerful bright and gay
Who could be crying on such a beautiful day?
Maybe a mother who has lost her boy
Maybe a girl who has lost her toy
Maybe a bird whose wings are cut
Maybe a man whose heart was hurt
So many thoughts popped in my head
To an alley as I was led
There I saw sitting all alone
The man we call ‘The Funny Bone’
His crying I saw had just no ends
His head was down hid in his hands
I stood there confused thinking what to do
I never knew clowns dropped tears too
Then suddenly my mind did click
Surely it was just another trick