It’s a Trap

Don’t go to work now it’s a trap
Don’t put up with that kind of crap
Why hog and slog just like a dog
When you can sleep well like a log

To all the misters and the ma’ams
Don’t get married now it’s a scam
It’s over-rated and just no good
You’re better off living in the woods

Avoid school at all costs
Run from college no matter what
Go instead to a library my friend
Read and read for hours on end

Now I’ll tell you what’s really wrong
What I’ve been meaning all along
Don’t be born now be really smart
That’s when all the troubles start

The Shard

Look around you my friends
Look to your left, look to your right
Do you not see shards everywhere?
Human beings broken from the inside
Very little though shows on the surface
Pain beautifully disguised with smiles
It’s a gift I tell you
And we’re blessed with many more
We are the ones who carry hope in their souls
We are the ones who carry love in our hearts
Some of us even carry all the worries in their pockets
No other animal can claim such dignity
Can a turtle claim to carry affection in his shell?
Can a fox claim to carry anxiety in his tail?
Or can a butterfly claim to carry promise in her wings?
Nah, we are the pinnacle of evolution
We are bestowed with gifts that no bug, bird or beast can even dream of
But these gifts have come at a cost
We pay a heavy price for them
These gifts are so delicate and fragile that they tend to become a burden
Oh what a fine burden it is!
So carefully we must protect our hearts from breaking
Such great lengths we must go to to keep our hopes from fading away
Yet our hearts breaks
Yet our hopes fade away
When the heart breaks, the human breaks
When hope fades away, we feel robbed
We shatter like a piece of glass
Our fragments lie scattered on the floor
What good is a broken glass? Not much
But we, we pick ourselves up and carry on
Look around you carefully
Not one human will find intact
We’re all broken
We’re all shattered
We’re all shards
Smiling, trying rebuilding
Carrying on with what is left
What a magnificent structure a human is!
What a magnificent structure we all are!

An Easy Death

Wish and aim for an easy life
One without struggle or any strife
Honour and glory are sought in vain
Drop no sweat and feel no pain
Laze around and keep no plan
Procastinate the best you can
Flex no muscle, don’t strain your voice
Being born was not your choice
Keep all work for tomorrow
Close your heart to all sorrow
Close your heart to love too
Very little can now break you
Life is fickle and time is short
To Death we are a mere sport
Nothing lasts so don’t pretend
Everyone must die in the end

This Lonely Train

This lonely train takes me to a lonely place
The lonely place is a lonely town
The lonely town’s full of empty space
And I am going down

Dust and pests and desert sand
Will greet me when I reach
No familiar face or helping hand
I’ll lie lonely on the beach

The worst is yet to come they say
A ball of fire in the sky
If I ever turn to walk away
No one would ask me why

This lonely train goes chugh chugh chugh
It’s the only noise I hear
No laughing child or crooked thug
No Dad, no dog, no deer

I must set down my pen alright
That’s all that I can write
This lonely train leaves behind the light
Towards the dark of night


How I wish this sunny weather
Could change my dispirited mood
Nature’s out in its fullest glory
I can do nothing but brood
Trees swinging in a discotheque
Little birds hunting for food
Flowers calling out the bees
Or maybe I misunderstood

There’s chirping and chattering all around
Folks laughing as they go
My spirit has a cold demeanor
Despite no sign of snow
Children jumping about carelessly
Smiles make their faces glow
I suppose there is nothing today
To pull me out of my woe

Sky burning with a golden ball
Cloudy thoughts fill my mind
Bright sunlight lift the night’s veil
To shadows I am confined
The gentle winds blow aromatically
My senses become a-blind
Why should I be the only one
That Somberness should find?

Wrapped Up In Sadness

I meant to send you a poem
Carved out of my heart
But I’m a little scared
I don’t want to let you down
My heart isn’t the best
Never has been
Trapped in a self-made jail
Staring out the only window
Envious at the clouds
That are not afraid to fall
It wraps itself in sadness

If I could grab the wheels of time
Turn it back around
I would go back to that moment
When I let my fears take over
When I let my heart sink
Tell my heart it’s alright
All wounds heal someday
All scars fade away
I thought that I was strong
I was so wrong
Now I fail to open the lock
To my heart’s freedom as
It wraps itself in sadness

When there was no one to talk to
Sadness came and sat
We thought we found a friend
Now I’m not so sure
Now I’m not too wise
Now I can’t feel
It’s like a happy part of me
Has been shed
I wished to tell you sooner
But again I was scared
I was lonely
I was wrapped up in sadness

Spirit Of Madness

When the truths all come out
To wipe the tear of doubt
It brings with itself a new tear of sorrow
And a tear is a tear
Some swiftly disappear
But some stay till the light of the morrow

With a picture in hand
Of the time we could spend
In the future which soon will pass by
We realise how small
Life and we are all
Perhaps this is our first and last try

So gather your thoughts
And dreams tied in knots
Free them from the chains of sadness
Lick the wounds on your skin
Burn the stories within
To light the mercurial spirit of madness

My Head Is A Puzzle

My head is a puzzle
I can never fix
Pieces scattered everywhere
Full of dirty tricks
It knows all my secrets
It knows everything
What do I know about it?
Absolutely nothing!
Is there a single way
To take back my freedom?
Is there a single clue
To solve this conundrum?
Until I find an answer
I am forever stuck
Who is to be blamed for this?
Nobody but my luck