There Is A World

There is a world

Where people are always happy

Where there are no worries

I do not exist there

This is my world

Where people are always crying

Where there is no light

I am the king here

43 thoughts on “There Is A World

  1. Maybe the darkness is there to point us to the light… Maybe the shadows are only on the dark side, and there is a sin. And maybe there is a place where all will be well , not just for a few (like here), but for every man, woman and child. That would be heaven to me. 🌟

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      1. When all seems dark, it is easy to lose our hope. But as a rule, the sun does shine again, somehow. Our hearts keep beating, even when we wish them to be still. Everything around us moves us forward, if we listen to the whispers of the dancing star. If we listen to the whispers of the shadows, we fall deeper and deeper into its trance of death. (It has been said that when we long most for death, it is only because we actually need more life.) I wish you more life, more hope, the will to be more and the strength to be strong in the face of incredible loss and seeming hopelessness. Wish the same for me? ✨

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  2. That world where people are always happy? I’ve never encountered such.
    We are each king of our own world and thus burdened with providing light to that world … for our own benefit and for others stumbling in our darkness. No sure cures – just hope – that you seek light and choose to amplify little stray bits of light that creep in.
    Peace, patience, persistence … and poetry.

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  3. Don’t lose faith. God sees what’s in your heart. He feels your sadness and struggles whatever they are. You only need to open and lift up your worries to Him. Sometimes, what seems as impossible for us is nothing compared to what God can do for us in our lives. I hope and pray you’ll feel better soon…

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  4. I had everything but at one point I wanted to end it all. Anger had turned to depression and hopelessness. I didn’t see a way out and I didn’t want to wear out. But God’s grace and my search for him saved me. Unlike people who Messa been disappoint and ruin your life, God is always there to bring you the best. Start by being brutally honest with him. Chase him & study him. I made all the difference for me. It wasn’t instant but I got there.

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  5. The mother has heard and answers your prayers. She now sees some things that weren’t always there. Hopefully one will be very fair, understanding a heart much filled with care. As for my love, I am noticing things that maybe weren’t always there. But God the Father’s the one who seems just to care. With you and my love, my appreciation is there. To part from your love, now, I would not dare. Maybe God will show things that weren’t always there. But my heart for you is filled with much care. I am noticing things that weren’t always quite there. I hope maybe one day, I’ll see your heart there. In Heaven above, maybe angels do stare. To help one to see what was not always there.

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