School Of Love

I have no qualms in admitting

That I have been a fool

I need to learn the ABCs

So I’m going back to school

The shiny gates are open

And they’re calling out to me

So I’ll pack my books and bag

And a student I would be

There’ll be a lot of folks there

Of varied age and size

Showing child-like eagerness

To win an elusive prize

But not all of them will be winning

A lot of them would repeat

The tests and the course

As a part of their defeat

I wish I hadn’t spent so many years

Learning all sorts of stuff

When I should really have been learning

How to grow up and be tough

I know math and physics

I have what it takes

But I don’t know how to fix

A broken heart that aches

I don’t know how to fix

An aching heart that breaks

55 thoughts on “School Of Love

  1. You will learn. Learn how to hold on to something valuable enough. It could be yourself or try hard enough to hold on to your sweetheart if you’ve loved with all honesty.

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