I Wanna Lock My Heart Away

I wanna lock my heart away

Never ever let her out

This world is just too evil

As my heart’s just found out

I wanna firmly lock the door

Throw away the key

Shut all the windows

In darkness, she would be

I’ll let her out if only

This world would see a change

But that doesn’t look so likely

So she will there remain

Thank You For Nothing

Thank you for teaching me

How to break a heart

How to kill the feelings inside

How to let go

Thank you for teaching me

That love could be temporary

That love could be impure

That love could be fake

Thank you for showing me

How to make false promises

How to lie to a loved one’s face

How to ignore someone

Thank you for proving

That I am stupid

That I am crazy

That I am weak

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for everything

Thank you for nothing

A Dead Man Living

I cried myself to sleep

Knowing we’re apart

I woke up in the morning

With a hole in my heart

You are so close to me

Yet you are so far

I wish I could make good

The way that things are

The thoughts in my head are unforgiving

I’m nothing more than a dead man living

I have promised myself

That I will learn to let go

I will try to hold on

To all the things that I know

Sometimes I feel that

Everything’s alright

But I am only kidding

Myself in the night

I am in a state of constant seething

I’m nothing more than a dead man breathing

Should I run back to you?

Should I be running away?

If I change myself would

Fortune turn my way?

One moment I’m hopeful

The next I just quit

I’m fearing every step

Yet I’m scared to admit

The hours and days I just spend grieving

I’m nothing more than a dead man living

Well here is a warning

To all the boys and the girls

Love may seem pleasing

But it’s a terrible curse

The more that you love

The more you are hurt

It will clip all your wings

It will grind you to dirt

The angels can be quite unforgiving

I’m nothing more than a dead man living

A Love That Never Was

You made me climb a mountain

You made me swim a sea

I ran a hundred miles

For a love that never was

You pushed me off a cliff

Down a desolate ditch

With a love that never was

You took over my body

My heart and every limb

Left me empty and stranded

Like a love that never was

You bled me till I could bleed no more

You played me till I could no longer be played

Now love seems like an unjust cause

Because of a love that never was

I Said No

I said No

To all your false promises

To your demands and attentions

To your attitude and ego

To all your pretensions

I said No

To heart-breaks and misery

To anxiety and sorrow

To confusion and pain

To a depressing tomorrow

I said No

To my old ways

That I may start afresh

On a blank new page

I said No

To those disturbing memories

That haunt me every night

Again and again

I said No

To unhappiness

To the mess that I am

With all the stress in my head

I said No

Though it wasn’t easy

But it was right

For you and for me

I said No

With hands trembling

With eyes crying

Yet with a heart that let all fears loose

I said No

Because that is what I choose