If You Knew

If you knew how many poems
I have written in your name
If you knew how much I’ve changed
But love you still the same
If you knew how much I want
To see your face again
Hear your voice and touch you
To heal me of this pain
If you knew how much I suffer
Without you here all day
Even heaven seems to pale
Like a dim light far away

If you knew, oh, if only you knew
How my heart yearns for you
Then you’d forgive me for sure
For you’d know my love is true

A Photograph

Do you remember
All those crazy times?
All the crazy things
That we did with crazy minds?
Do you remember
How crazy I used to be?
How crazy you would make me?
Oh those crazy days
Do you remember
How I used to laugh?
Now all that’s left
Is a photograph

Do you remember
How my eyes lit up
Whenever I saw you?
How my smile widened
Whenever I spoke to you?
Do you remember
How we lay side by side
Gave names to clouds
And watched them float away?
Do you remember
How you used to laugh?
Now all that’s left
Is a photograph

Do you remember
The day when we first met?
The first words we spoke?
The first fight we had?
Do you remember
The last time we met?
The last chat we had?
The last time we loved?
Do you remember
How we used to laugh?
Now all that’s left
Is a photograph


All this time I couldn’t see
What a fool I came to be
A worthless piece of scrap
Falling right inside your trap
What a game you played with me
What a pawn I came to be
Just a piece for sacrifice
When bigger gains gilded your eyes
Now that I am not of use
You’ll find another pawn to choose
Even he will feel the same
A little portion of your game

Yesterday I Held You

Yesterday I held you
Covered you with my hands
There were a thousand joys
That seemed to have no ends

Yesterday you whispered
Sweet music in my ear
There could be nothing sweeter
That I could feel dear

Yesterday my lips
Were calling out your name
The winds were filled with echoes
As if it were a game

Yesterday we laughed
We rolled upon the floor
With another humour
We laughed a little more

Yesterday we dreamed
Made elaborate plans
Tried to decipher
The lines on our hands

Yesterday I loved you
And you loved me too
Today things have changed
Only dreaming we can do

Rip My Heart Out

Rip my heart out
Break it into two
Burn it, bury it
Do whatever you want to do

Rip my heart out
Stamp it under your feet
Stamp, stamp it hard
Stamp. Stamp. Repeat

Rip my heart out
Feed it to the rats
If any is left over
Give it to the gnats

Rip my heart out
Every moment it lives
Every beat hurts me so
So much pain it gives

Rip my heart out
Ensure that it dies
I will only know peace
When pulseless it lies