You Touched My Heart And Left Me

You touched my heart and left me
My heart now yearns for eternity
Now my heart will never be the same
Now you tell me just who is to blame?
I, for letting you touch my heart?
You, for coming just to depart?
Of that I don’t know very much
I only know I need your touch


Please Don’t Heal Me

Please please don’t heal me
I’m totally broken inside
That’s the way I want to stay
I’ve gotten used to it now
For everytime that I am healed
I am cut and shattered
Only to be put back together
Only to be broken again
Except that each time
The hope in me dies
A little more than previously
A little faster than before
This time I’m afraid
If I was to heal again
I’d be broken once more
No hope shall remain
So let me cling on
To this tiny hope in me
I’m totally broken inside
But please don’t heal me

Bury My Heart

I built these walls so high that
No one could ever climb
I’m erasing all your memories
To try and heal my mind
Just when I thought I had it
Every joy fell flat
I’m digging up a hole now
Big enough so that
I could bury my heart

Confine me in a room where
There are just no doors
No windows, no distractions
Nothing like before
There I’ll sit and waste
All my days away
Nothing could ever hurt me
Nothing to make me sway
If I bury my heart

I’ll be back at that place
Where it all did start
Except this time I’m lonely
A body with no heart
There’s no answer with me
For this recurring pain
If I had the option
I’d do it all again
So I bury my heart
I bury my heart

The Path Is Long And Tortuous

The path is long and tortuous
Neither time is on our side
We being less adventurous
Won’t take it in our stride
‘Stead we’ll path a new way
Different than where we are
Leave hope for some other day
Leave it distant and afar
A hundred paths you can take
Only one of them leads to ‘Us’
That path can cause heart ache
That path is long and tortuous

Time Was Supposed To Heal Me

Time was supposed to heal me
But I ain’t done much healing
Love was supposed to fill me
But I ain’t got that feeling
So empty and lonely I feel inside
The dark nights that I sat and cried
Are coming back to haunt me
Chain me with their sadness
Well I suppose they want me
To dive into the madness
The end of the tunnel promises light
I ain’t got left with much of a fight
The road seems unending to me
Strange voices I hear calling
Out from the shadows to me
Getting louder as I start falling
In the depths where they’d steal me
Eventually time will heal me

Conspiracy Of The Stars

The stars conspired
The angels refused
To sing their songs
Or pay their dues
How could we then be together?

The sun went dark
The heavens blinked
Time stood still
Love was extinct
How could we then be together?

Lights went out
Nights did weep
When they found
The Gods asleep
How could we then be together?

The heavens burst
Clouds were dry
Children of Joy
Began to cry
How could we then be together?

I waited for you
You waited for me
Two souls waited
For eternity
How could we then be together
When the stars conspired with each other?

Never Be Together

I was never worthy of you
You always deserved better
Now that we have seen it through
We’ll never be together

You were never made for me
I wasn’t meant for you
We were young, wild and free
But we’d never see it through

We were young, wild and free
In love with each other
We were never meant to be
We could never be together