Broken Pieces Of Poetry

There is no war. There is no destruction

No rebellion. No protests

No tragedy except the one we’re going through

No adventure. No death

We let the days pass us by

And they all look the same to me

Nothing to bring us together or tear us apart

Nothing to make a memory

Here we come. There we leave

No traces to retrace

And just like us, time will come and go

With not a moment to miss

My path will be mine. Yours will be yours

And so will be our lives

Isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

We follow the trail they left for us

Never charting our own path

Too afraid to fail or fall

Now we look in each other’s eyes


May be the last time that we behold

Freedom as freedom

Life as life. Love as love

Happiness as it is

When all of this will be done

I will wither and you will rot

All that will be left behind

Will be broken pieces of poetry

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