A Club For The Lonely

Across the street, next to a mall
Behind a grand old steeple
They formed a little club, you see
For all the lonely people

At the entrance stood a giant sign —
“Yes,” I said, “that is perfectly me
But I sure hope I’m not the only.”

As I walked in and opened the door
I found the receptionist missing
Through the window, I peeked outside
A couple there they were kissing

I let out a sigh and it echoed ’round
A thousand times in my ears
So I grabbed a chair and prayed and hoped
That somebody soon appears

The window offered joyous scenes
Like the one I mentioned before
So I turned around and faced the wall
Saying, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Hours passed staring at the wall
With Time so slowly crawling
But not a sound of a footstep on
The cracked floor I heard falling

It wasn’t long before I came
To realise I was the only
Soul to enter this lifeless place
Nothing’s ever felt so lonely

There and then I made a vow —
No one should go through what I went
Created a detailed subscription form
And declared myself president

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