Late last night I was caught
Taken to a country spot
Where they’ve built a brand new prison
Put me in for no reason
It is not what I deserve
A lifetime sentence I must serve
Take on many responsibilities
Marry, have kids, and other duties
Other captives are so glad
Have they all been turning mad?
Who would like to live this scare?
Live a life that’s full of care?
I just want to be who I am
I don’t want to be like them
I wanna get out of this jail
Run away and leave no trail
I must take care to play my cards
There’re so many security guards
On the job 24×7
Calling this place ‘A little heaven’
But no, I’m never buying that
This is worse than ‘Earth is flat’
They’re trying to have their way with me
No judge, no trial, no jury
Give me a little bit of time
I’ll absolve myself of this crime
Then this trauma will be over
And I’ll end up with no lover

4 thoughts on “Arrested

  1. I’ve read this twice, and I think I will have to read it again. I do think I understand, however I am not that clever. If you could assist one so ignorant, to understand the context of this text, I would be one grateful ignorant dupe………
    Thank you……….for your patience……
    ; )

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