A Prolific Poet

I read about a poet who

Wrote thousands of poems in his life

I wonder how he did it

Didn’t he marry, have kids and wife?


Around A Month Ago

When from school, my Johnny comes

He has a bag full of slimy worms

I don’t know much, I must presume

He keeps them all up in his room

There’s nothing much that I can say

It’s just a hobby to pass his day

Developed suddenly around a month ago

When I threatened to cut his favourite show

He plays with them all sorts of games

He’s even given them trendy names

Like Rux and Tazz and Weepy Dan

And Phubber and Bubber and Creepy Man

I must admit I’m afraid of worms

Or any creature that twists and squirms

I simply cannot stand the view

I find them gross and ugly too

Thank God my Johnny isn’t aware

That his worms put me through a scare

Only my personal journals know

Which I lost around a month ago

Head Vs. Heart

My heart instructs me to write

My head says I shouldn’t

Then they initiate a fight

Stop it? I just couldn’t

My head tells me to exercise

My heart isn’t impressed

My head says I’m oversize

My heart says I’m blessed

This is how they always snide —

Piercingly all day long

Then they ask me to decide

Who is right and who is wrong

Choosing one is really tough

For the other then will weep

So I turn their switches off

And then I go to sleep

Brainless Blob

I keep telling my mom and dad

There’s a monster ‘neath our bed

But they don’t e’er listen to me

They sleep so calm and peacefully

But I lie awake all night

To give the monster a real fight

He says he has some friends in Hell

He comes out when clock strikes twelve

He says he’s bounded by a curse

He needs to eat the three of us

Only then can he walk free

See the world as I do see

But I ain’t buying none of that

The monster’s ugly and he’s fat

If he had been cutely clad

I would have offered him my dad

If he had rubbed and tickled my palm

I would have offered him my mom

But he’s such a brainless blob

Doesn’t know how to do his job

If now he comes out from the bed

I just might gobble him instead

Free him from his stupid curse

No more fuss for him and us

I Am Left Behind

I am here just waiting

Waiting for so long

Yes you’re late like always

It just feels so wrong

Then I get so angry

It just kills my mind

Everyone is moving

I am left behind

I am left behind

Whatd’ya think I should do

When I see her now?

Should I get her pleading?

Should I get a vow?

Should I grant her pardon?

Or turn away? Act blind?

Everyone is boarding

I am left behind

I am left behind

There she comes — I see her

Smiling, careless, free

She doesn’t think she’s late or

She wouldn’t be happy

Then she brushes past me

Ungrateful, so unkind

Even she is boarding

I am left behind

I am left behind

God, Love and Life (And Wife)

I wandered in search of meaning

Of God and love and life —

Is there a reason why we’re born?

Is there a reason for a wife?

I spoke to wise men and fools

Observed them from near and far

Watched the birth of a child

And the dying of a star

I travelled to varied places

Served as nature’s guest

Saw her at her darkest

And saw her at her best

But I was none the wiser

Trial after trial

So I went and got married

And watched her walk the aisle

Then I got myself a kid

Then another and more

The bigger my family got

The more I was unsure

So I asked all my doubts

To my lovely wife

Asked her if she had any clue

About God and love and life

She looked at me bewildered

Then spoke on with a nod

“Life is about loving

And loving is about God.”

Her answer seemed so simple

I concluded at once

My wife may be a beauty

But she’s a real dunce

Catching Sleep

I am always trying

Trying to catch some sleep

If I ever grab her

It is what I’d keep

Then I wouldn’t let go

Of her for a spell

Ten to twelve odd hours

She’d make me feel so well

But she’s on the run

She is always running

Running away from me

The more I try to catch her

She farther seems to be

Don’t know why she’s like this

She must really love this game

Hiding in night’s darkness

Escaping all the blame

She is on the run

Well I know she knows me

And how much I love her

Work and cash — I’m grudging

To place it all above her

As soon as I attain her

She fears I won’t yearn

For her and her company

So she’s on the run

She is on the run