A Little Frog

A little frog once asked a hen
“Why can’t you jump like I can?”
The wise hen rolled her eyes and sighed
To the frog she then replied
“My dear little pretty frog
Why can’t you bark like a dog?
Why can’t you work hard like an ant?
And where’s your trunk of an elephant?
Where’s your tail of a monkey?
Why don’t you climb atop a tree?
Why can’t you lay eggs as I can?
Never question a wise hen again”
The hen was about to swell with pride
With the manner she had replied
But her victory went quite sore
As the frog began to snore

A Robo Read My Horoscope

A robo read my horoscope
“A bad day lies ahead
Your heart will seethe in extreme rage”
And more contemptible things it said

“Don’t venture out of your home tonight
You may kill someone with your hands
So spend some time with your wife and kids
That’s what your horoscope demands”

“You seem to be emotionally unstable
Your maturity levels are low
Today you are even more sensitive
To any kind of critical blow”

That is all that the robo read
Not a single word anymore
Don’t think he’ll ever talk again
Its cogs lay all over the floor