I May Forget

I may forget to text you
Forget to call when I’m away
But never forget to love you
Even for a single day

I forget sometimes to hold you
Whisper sweet nothings in your ear
But I never forget to love you
Isn’t that right, my dear?

I may forget our first dance
Forget to kiss you good night
But I will never forget to love you
My dear, isn’t that right?

I may forget your birthday
Our anniversary and what-not
But I’ll never forget to love you
Love and love you a lot
I may forget who you are
Your memory and your thought
But I’ll never forget…
But I’ll never forget to… um… uh…


All the wisdom that I’ve gained
All the lessons that I’ve learnt
From the mistakes that I’ve made
From the errors that I’ve done
I can only keep it to myself
I cannot pass it to my son
He intends to make his own mistakes
He intends to have his fun
I remember talking just like that
When my Daddy told me, “Son,
Do whatever you have to do
But never marry anyone.”

A Club For The Lonely

Across the street, next to a mall
Behind a grand old steeple
They formed a little club, you see
For all the lonely people

At the entrance stood a giant sign —
“Yes,” I said, “that is perfectly me
But I sure hope I’m not the only.”

As I walked in and opened the door
I found the receptionist missing
Through the window, I peeked outside
A couple there they were kissing

I let out a sigh and it echoed ’round
A thousand times in my ears
So I grabbed a chair and prayed and hoped
That somebody soon appears

The window offered joyous scenes
Like the one I mentioned before
So I turned around and faced the wall
Saying, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Hours passed staring at the wall
With Time so slowly crawling
But not a sound of a footstep on
The cracked floor I heard falling

It wasn’t long before I came
To realise I was the only
Soul to enter this lifeless place
Nothing’s ever felt so lonely

There and then I made a vow —
No one should go through what I went
Created a detailed subscription form
And declared myself president

If The Earth Was Flat

If the Earth was flat
And we were on a corner each
Then I’d get to the other end
Just to be with you
Even if I had to run
Walk, swim or crawl
I’d get to the other end
If the Earth was flat

Alas the Earth is round
And you are right next to me
Telling me to do this
Ordering me to do that
With your usual mood-swings
Playing in the background
It’s on days like these
I wish the Earth was flat

Time Manipulator

What is time?
Is time an illusion?
Is time real?
Does time’s arrow only move in one direction? Forward?
Can it be bent?
Can time be altered?
Can time be played with?
Is time-travel possible?
Can we travel to the past? Future?
What is time?

So many great minds have thought about it
But none have managed to answer any of it
But you, you are different
You are special
Time is your toy
You can manipulate it as you wish

I know this because I am reading your text
‘5 minutes away’
That you sent me an hour ago
And I am still waiting for those 5 minutes of time to pass

Frank From The Future

I built a little time machine
Like I’ve done so often before
Though this one really worked
I soon found myself in the future
A bit old and wrinkled
Feeling unexcited
I decided to play a prank
And call my teenage self
From the past
To see how it works out
I dialled his number (or my old number)
It rang for a long time
Eventually, someone did pick up
I said, “Howdy, Frank. I am Frank from the future.”
And he said (or I said)
“Sorry, not interested.”
As he disconnected the call
Damn, that is so me!

The Boy Who Cracked Fat Jokes

There was once a little boy
Who thought cracking jokes was a toy
So he cracked jokes on everyone
Especially on fat ones

But as he put a pun on it
His tummy grew bit by bit
When he realised it was too late
His tummy went to round from straight

All his jokes came back to bite
He started living in a terrible fright
He stopped eating, did some exercise
The tummy showed no compromise

He sighed and hoped and prayed and screamed
That this was all just a silly dream
But his tummy felt oh so real
With which he didn’t know how to deal

So he asked a mate of his
“How should I even deal with this?”
His mate said, “There is one thing you could do
“Crack jokes on skinny people too”

With that he felt even more confused
His friend left him oh so bemused
And still today he is standing there
Lost in thought, filled with despair


My science teacher is so nuts
So much so that it actually hurts
She says that Earth has just one sun
And that’s shared by everyone
From Mercury, Saturn to Uranus
And Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Venus
But I see that sun everywhere
Wherever I go, he’s always there
When I’m walking, he’s behind a tree
Staring from there right back at me
When I’m home, there’s one in the sky
Singing, dancing with the clouds that fly
And all of them go into hiding
When the night comes slowly sliding
The very next day when I awake
There’s another one, make no mistake
I wonder how she doesn’t know
About all these suns that brightly glow
Doesn’t she ever look up in the sky
Or feel the light like you and I?

Mommy, Johnny Stole My Doll

Mommy, Johnny stole my doll
Now, he’s not giving it back
At the expense of my tears
He is having a crack

He is always doing this, you know?
Troubling me just for fun
He plans to trouble me more
I am sure that he’s not done

Should I steal his toys too?
Hide them in the dark?
Or throw it in the dustbin
Of a nearby park?

Mommy, will you tell me
What I should do now?
Should I complain to Santa?
But I don’t know how

Search for it in my room?
Is that what you say?
But I’ve already done that
Today like yesterday

Fine, I’ll look under the pillow
I’ll search beneath the bed
Oh wait, I think I see something
Is that my little doll’s head?

Where Could Mommy Be?

Oh Tommy, wake up

Do you not see?

We’re locked inside our own house

Where could Mommy be?

There’s nobody but us

It’s just you and me

Hold my hand if you’re afraid

Where could Mommy be?

The window is left open

Did the wind take her away?

Did the night eat her up

Before it turned to day?

Did she go out herself

To find us something to eat?

I hope she brings back something

Spicy and something sweet?

Is she in some trouble?

Drowning in a sea?

Oh Tommy, what do you think —

Where could Mommy be?

Should we break the door

With the trunk of a tree

Then go in search of our Mommy

Wherever she may be

Oh Tommy, wake up

Before I count to three

Wake up and help me decide

Where could Mommy be?