If I Turn Into A Stranger

Tomorrow I wake up
Like every day I do
But nobody seems to know me
They all ask me – Who
Ignoring my greetings
They turn away their eyes
I’ve turned into a stranger
Nobody can recognise
My family thinks I’m mad
My friends they shut the door
Everything is the same
Though nothing is like before
Freaky and fantastic
As far as I can see
Nothing between me and the world
Nothing between the world and me

I’ll go back to slumber
My days like that be spent
For nothing’s really changed
Though everything’s different

If I Were A Panther

If I were a panther
Then you would be a panther
We’d be together

If I were President
I’d marry you
You’d be the First Lady

If I were a bee
Then you’d be a flower
We’d be together

If I were a drummer boy
I’d marry you
You’d be a drummer girl

If I were born in another century
I’d travel back in time
Just to be with you

If I were a cloud
I’d float across the sky
To wherever you may be

Whatever the circumstances
Whatever the time
Whatever the situation
We would always end up together
We are meant to be together

If A Storm Were To Catch Me

A storm were to catch me
Throw me in the deepest pit
Nothing but darkness around
No easy way out of it
I might step on a bone or skull
Of others who came before me
Realise I might be the next
To decay in this endless sea
My determination may be tested
My will to survive too
It may be easier to surrender
Than to fight without a clue

My heart will whisper to me
“I’ll pump your body with blood
Fill your veins with spirit
A purpose in every word
Just a little help from you
Worry not by Despair’s sight
Hold on to our buddy, Hope
Together, we’ll find the light.”

If Death Is A Guest

Death is a guest
Who visits but just once
To all the good people
And all the bad ones
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich
Poor, filthy or clean
Healthy or unwell
Wide awake or in a dream
She’d meet you when she pleases
Knock heavily at your heart
Enter without permission and
Snatch your soul and then depart

Would she be well greeted
If her visit was well announced
Or would she be most welcomed
If she dropped in unannounced?

God Must Exist

You turn my words into poems
My notes into a song
My moments into experiences
Everything right from wrong

You make darkness beautiful
Without you there’s no light
Every colour feels glorious
As long as you’re in sight

You take away my sorrow
Bring me back my laugh
You multiply my happiness
Divide my grief in half

They haven’t found a proof for God
But I know that He must be
For He sent you down on Earth
He sent you down for me