If Happiness Is An Algorithm

Feelings are a specific stimulus of brain
Such that it gives way to
Sometimes fear, sometimes bravery
Sometimes depression, sometimes elation
Sometimes greed, sometimes selflessness
Sometimes envy, sometimes hatred
Sometimes lust, sometimes love
Sometimes sorrow, sometimes happiness

Will a device that hacks
Happiness algorithms in my brain
Always keep me happy
As long as it is running?
What kind of happiness will that be?
Knowing you’re being happy without being happy


Writing is not so easy
It takes up a lot of time
Especially when it’s a poem
With rules on meter and rhyme

If you happen to write one
After struggling a lot
You’re not sure who will read it
Will it be liked or not?

But if there was a robot
Who could analyse all great works
Create a similar poem
Top it with a smirk

What do you say about it?
If they take over art
Would it be a bunch of rhymes?
Or would it touch your heart?

Daniel Is My Friend

Daniel is my friend
He is looking for some food
My father is a nuisance
So I gave him up for good

Daniel is my friend
With a large appetite
He made a meal of my sister
But I guess it is alright

Daniel is my friend
Hungry as can be
When she wasn’t looking
He gulped my mom in three

Daniel is my friend
The cops are looking for him
Neighbours must have called ’em
Hearing my brother scream

Daniel is my friend
But he’s left me here for dead
The cops just could not find him
So they arrested me instead

Daniel is my friend
But our friendship now must end
No more friend like Daniel
No more imaginary friends

Frank’s Strange Dream – Part 2

In my dreams I’m falling
From thirty thousand feet
When I hear a sound calling
And my heart skips a beat
Don’t know from where it’s coming
But I know it’s meant for me
When suddenly I’m becoming
Invisible and free
All my secrets are flying
Flying away with the birds
Oh I tried screaming and crying
But I couldn’t find no words
Next, I’m swimming in an ocean
Trying to find a shore
Well I yell out in the open
All ‘cross the ocean floor
Then I wake up all sweating
My dream — what could it mean?
It’s hard to keep forgetting
It comes every Halloween

Do Ghosts Cast Shadows?

Something dark lurking
Is it my shadow
Or is it just me?
Is it a ghost of my nightmares
That haunts my sleep every night?
His slithering tongue
His daunting laugh
Terrorises my heart
As he hovers in my head
But this cannot be that ghost
This is something different
Something darker
Something more frightening
Something unknown
Is it the ghost’s shadow?
Do ghosts even cast shadows?