Dr. Love

For many diseases they have found cure
About this disease nobody’s sure
Don’t worry, folks — just come to me
When you are blind, I’ll make you see
I’m Dr. Love

When you are struggling with sleepless nights
Your mind’s clogged up with tiffs and fights
I’m the hope when you have none
In a minute or two your treatment’s done
I’m Dr. Love

Don’t be afraid, just let me check
Next time you’re sick, you would be back
You can pay me when Peace arrives
I’m not making money, just saving lives
I’m Dr. Love

Give me your number, give me your problem
Or you can call me, I’m gonna solve ’em
When you’ve fallen deep down the well
I’m gonna pull you out of the hell
I’m Dr. Love

You’re sick with love, so where are you?
Outside my door there is no queue
Don’tya think Love is the worst disease?
I beg you to think twice, pretty please
I’m Dr. Love

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