The Boy Who Cracked Fat Jokes

There was once a little boy
Who thought cracking jokes was a toy
So he cracked jokes on everyone
Especially on fat ones

But as he put a pun on it
His tummy grew bit by bit
When he realised it was too late
His tummy went to round from straight

All his jokes came back to bite
He started living in a terrible fright
He stopped eating, did some exercise
The tummy showed no compromise

He sighed and hoped and prayed and screamed
That this was all just a silly dream
But his tummy felt oh so real
With which he didn’t know how to deal

So he asked a mate of his
“How should I even deal with this?”
His mate said, “There is one thing you could do
“Crack jokes on skinny people too”

With that he felt even more confused
His friend left him oh so bemused
And still today he is standing there
Lost in thought, filled with despair

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