Frank From The Future

I built a little time machine
Like I’ve done so often before
Though this one really worked
I soon found myself in the future
A bit old and wrinkled
Feeling unexcited
I decided to play a prank
And call my teenage self
From the past
To see how it works out
I dialled his number (or my old number)
It rang for a long time
Eventually, someone did pick up
I said, “Howdy, Frank. I am Frank from the future.”
And he said (or I said)
“Sorry, not interested.”
As he disconnected the call
Damn, that is so me!

13 thoughts on “Frank From The Future

        1. Think sometimes how many spam emails you get, also depends on which websites you visit.

          I once took a political opinion test and got liberal. Next day I was somehow on the mailing list from ALDE (the alliance of liberal parties for EU parliament elections). The test wasn’t even EU related in any way.

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