My science teacher is so nuts
So much so that it actually hurts
She says that Earth has just one sun
And that’s shared by everyone
From Mercury, Saturn to Uranus
And Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Venus
But I see that sun everywhere
Wherever I go, he’s always there
When I’m walking, he’s behind a tree
Staring from there right back at me
When I’m home, there’s one in the sky
Singing, dancing with the clouds that fly
And all of them go into hiding
When the night comes slowly sliding
The very next day when I awake
There’s another one, make no mistake
I wonder how she doesn’t know
About all these suns that brightly glow
Doesn’t she ever look up in the sky
Or feel the light like you and I?


10 thoughts on “Suns

  1. The bright stars and planets that evoked curiosity as a child, the partner of your dreams (the other light). She not showing same curiosity & appreciation as you? Don’t know. Great poem BTW, I enjoyed reading.

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