Mommy, Johnny Stole My Doll

Mommy, Johnny stole my doll
Now, he’s not giving it back
At the expense of my tears
He is having a crack

He is always doing this, you know?
Troubling me just for fun
He plans to trouble me more
I am sure that he’s not done

Should I steal his toys too?
Hide them in the dark?
Or throw it in the dustbin
Of a nearby park?

Mommy, will you tell me
What I should do now?
Should I complain to Santa?
But I don’t know how

Search for it in my room?
Is that what you say?
But I’ve already done that
Today like yesterday

Fine, I’ll look under the pillow
I’ll search beneath the bed
Oh wait, I think I see something
Is that my little doll’s head?

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