Where Could Mommy Be?

Oh Tommy, wake up

Do you not see?

We’re locked inside our own house

Where could Mommy be?

There’s nobody but us

It’s just you and me

Hold my hand if you’re afraid

Where could Mommy be?

The window is left open

Did the wind take her away?

Did the night eat her up

Before it turned to day?

Did she go out herself

To find us something to eat?

I hope she brings back something

Spicy and something sweet?

Is she in some trouble?

Drowning in a sea?

Oh Tommy, what do you think —

Where could Mommy be?

Should we break the door

With the trunk of a tree

Then go in search of our Mommy

Wherever she may be

Oh Tommy, wake up

Before I count to three

Wake up and help me decide

Where could Mommy be?

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