An Imperfect Universe

The silence of the nights
Have made me who I am
Yes, I speak with great delight
No, I’m not one of them
Yes, I am not perfect
This is how I’m supposed to be
If there is such a person
I sure would like to see
Yes, my colours are different
My thoughts can light a fire
My veins breathe uneasy
My blood is full of desire
If I had a chance to choose
To be in someone’s shoe
I would gladly toss that chance away
I would never want to be you
The sky is full of beaming stars
There is no star like me
Without me this universe
Would then so empty be

6 thoughts on “An Imperfect Universe

  1. The silence of the nights takes me on imperfect flights
    rising high above the heavens
    how high I must sore
    to find the perfect balance
    between the lands and the shores
    in my imagination
    I find that perfect dream
    running wild and free
    for in that reality
    there is no one like me.

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  2. You are a bit like all the rest
    Since we all came from the same nest.
    But every part of who you are
    contains a tiny bit of star
    and its patterns
    make you
    in certain views
    the best.

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  3. I love this!
    I am not perfect
    I don’t claim to be.
    I have an amazing impact on this world
    Read my blog and see
    that without me, there would be
    a pitiful, peaceful, pastel sun
    shining down pathetically!

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