This Little Heaven Of Mine

What if I wake up tomorrow
With eyes that no longer see
While my son grows more gorgeous
More than what is known to me?

What if I wake up tomorrow
With ears that cannot hear
While my daughter sings a melody
More soothing than a bird’s cheer?

What if I wake up tomorrow
With a mouth that cannot speak —
How will I tell them my stories
Of my lowest trough and highest peak?

What if I don’t wake up tomorrow
To my children by my side —
How could that heaven be better
Than the one where I reside?

15 thoughts on “This Little Heaven Of Mine

  1. I love my family too, Frank. But families aren’t impervious: they get broken apart by disharmony, disaster, and death.
    As God intended, however, we can make new ones—sort of. I have a few moms and dads I’ve adopted to replace mine that died.

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