If I Were Born A Little Early

If I were born a little early
I would have made electricity
First to say — The Earth is round
Cures for diseases I would have found
Would have theorized gravitational law
Leave everyone trailing in awe
Would have had a star named after me
A constellation or galaxy
Future generations would have studied me
My brain, my life, my family
But I was born a little too late
Never had the chance to become so great
All the others took away my due
So I’m stuck here writing poems for you

27 thoughts on “If I Were Born A Little Early

  1. Ow~ you were meant to write us poems bcs others were meant to discover electricity and others cures but you were meant to light our smiles and cure our hearts and for that we are thankful you were born late~ 🙈 so much love to you dear Frank~💝

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  2. A Note In Passing?
    Every factual thing has actually been laid bare,
    Sadly, looking back, I guess ya had to be there,
    Nowadays nothing left to find in scientific endeavour,
    Hey embrace today, better to be born late than never.

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