Mother Earth, Bother Not

Mother Earth, mother Earth, will you shut up please?

Stop telling me your problems and your tragedies

I know you’re having troubles, you suffer day and night

But we are your children. We have all the rights

You complain about the felling of forests and of trees

But we are only decorating you with buildings and diseases

You complain about the smog, polluted water and land

But we prefer it the way it is, just try and understand

Look at your Sun and Moon, they never do complain

They’re idle and stationary, why don’t you learn from them?

We are happy as we stand. We never make a fuss

Have I ever kvetched that you’re not big enough for us?

So quit your whining and your sobbing and continue to move around

We’ll treat you as we may please till we burn you to the ground

So quit your whining and your sobbing and quit your petty bother

If we’re ever fed up with you, we’ll find another mother

84 thoughts on “Mother Earth, Bother Not

  1. Listen up, sweetheart, Mr. Solanki. Let me educate you on respect. You and your mother have One Heart. You are deluded and not listening. She has nothing but your best interests in her heart, which as I said before, is also your heart. Yes they are distinct but they are in resonance to the same source that is Truth. So, where you are disrespectful and offended, that brother, is all you. Take accountability for your thoughts and fears. Don’t blame. Find the healing and you will be rewarded. Take it from me from someone who has done the work. Cheers.

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  2. unfortunately, this is exactly the sentiment. I was just telling someone that we’ve transferred our throwaway culture to the earth by just destroying it and trying to find another planet smh. Thanks for this poem.

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  3. If we don’t protect our land, we can’t protect our bodies. People fall into the illusion of separation that you idealize in your poem. Nature can retain its purity through smart development. It is our responsibility to keep the land clean for our health, prosperity, and that of future generations.

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  4. Pretty much. Yup. Argh and sigh. You know though, I truly believe when she’s had just about enough of us she’ll chew us up and spit us out. I think we’re tiny, annoying gnats in the scheme of things. She’ll find other more intelligent and grateful children to nourish! 🙂 Thanks for this and Cheers.

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  5. Amazing…I really wish I could write poetry like this. The deep message behind it is really moving, and it’s amazing how you can reach out to people by choosing the right words. =)

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  6. Oh, so like spoilt children we are. We ask everything from a parent who is so willing to give. And we treat her with such contempt. Can I suggest you change diseases to just the singular disease. This can also be seen as plural when not named; such as in war, pestilence and disease. This would make that rhyme better. Well done on your writing though. I love reading some of your work.

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