A Floral Dream

As strange as it may seem
I think I saw a funny dream
A daffodil woke me up at four
And pointed to the window
I was quite surprised to see
A floral show just for me
Roses swinging on a trapeze
Dahlias flying with the breeze
Lilies decorating the lawn
Sunflowers giving a sighful yawn
Daisies circling around the moon
Orchids floating in hot air balloons
Tulips strumming their guitars
Asters lazing on the stars
Irises singing melodies
Peonies bubbling parodies
A giant lotus sat up straight
Heathers went out on a date
Violets shooting laser beams
A thistle woke me with her screams
As strange as it may seem
I think I saw a funny dream

84 thoughts on “A Floral Dream

  1. Hi, Frank. I was wondering if I could share this poem on my blog with a picture of a flower I colored to accompany it. I would give you credit for the words and link to this post. It’s OK if you’re not comfortable with my idea. Just thought I’d ask, since your words provided inspiration. Take care. Keep up the wonderful work. ❀

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  2. Funny. I saw a garden too. It was going to burn. I have a bracelet on my wrist. Seven stars and three in circles. Four of them are not. My mother gave me this. Interesting thing. I’ll gladly remember it. Funny. I saw a garden too. I dont know of it, or if I’ve known your true name, while you havent known mine. Have you? Without knowing. I saw that garden. Burning. The Word. Is for learning. And the truth. Revealed. To me. Surely it hasnt been wise. To hurt. Me. Strong are the words of it. My testimony. Surely it wasnt wise. Of those in Egypt. To hurt me. Me and the other witness, the beast, attacked me. Lay in the city square. But up tp God, we’ll find ourselves there. To those who do not love God, more than anyone or anything, i do doubt, you would find yourselves there. At least I had tried and cared. But I see only a garden burning. And i no longer. Care. Take care there, in Egypt. Me and Jared died there. I long to meet my husband. The one God meant for me. But maybe him i already did. Meet. Or maybe. There is someone else. Meant to meet. Have I known your names? No. I dont know anything. But I had loved. Until. I could not. I truly loved him though. Jared-san. Goodbye. Random blogger person.


  3. This is just beautiful and a pure joy to read. I take it this was a sunny morning or a dream of such.
    Whichever, hang on to it. In the early morning sunlight I saw something similar…….but the flock of flowers was not so great.. πŸ™‚

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  4. Frank, this is one of the best poems you have written. I kept the metering well, the rhymes were not forces, and the whole thing flowed naturally. Now you will have to find an illustrator and publish this as a children’s book.

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