Peculiar Green Guests

I flashed a light in the sky

With a small mirror in my hand

And beheld with my naked eye

A UFO dropped down on land

And out came two green creatures

With a tail each and eyes a-poppin’

A thousand other eerie features

The aliens had come a-droppin’

I looked up at the sky again

For I found it quite hard to digest

“Why can’t He throw down snow or rain

Instead of peculiar green guests?”

53 thoughts on “Peculiar Green Guests

  1. Idk why, it reminded me of this one time I was meant to go to the Big Island. But I was supposed to find my husband. Or it would never have happened. I’m not sure, why I thought of this haha (: take care Frank.

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    1. It made me think also of colors. My favorite color is blue (: I used to go to a school before, the colors were purple And white. I used to like green as a child, since in Japanese its midori, and idk i guess i always liked how that sounded verses aoi, which is blue. Blue is the color for the sky 🦋 and I seen blue in archangel Michael’s eyes. He watches over me too. It was ser Uriel, who has led me, to you (: lol i never met an alien! Sounds so interesting :0 anyway, forgive the randomness! Take care, Frank (:

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            1. It also made me think. Of this one church I went to. I told them they would never see God’s face. After how they had treated me. Unless I was told something. Like if I knew, these bloggers names. While reading your writing, I heard the voice, of my friend, Scott. As I heard God’s whisper before as well, telling me to stay alive, when my last ex had left me. Die or stay alive for Him, to glorify Him, in pain. I chose to live that day. Then I was sent on my way, to die and be persecuted in my faith, as Jesus Christ is the only way, anyone would see God’s face. It is the humility I believe. As no one I think is worthy to see God, at all, but it is in the heart, and soul, if Him you have known, and if you have known, His Son. He who came from God, as only God alone, could make such a miracle as a virgin conceiving, i believe, it is in faith alone, do we believe in Him. I consider myself like an apostle, and I try my best to live a Holy life, but it is Jesus alone, who could ever make me clean in God’s sight, when He comes, to judge the world. To me, there is one God, He created all that is and was and is to come, and He had one Son, His is the eternal Kingdom, the unseen one in Heaven. I have heard of ghost stories and such, of spirits and whatnot. It is only what my parents are watching sometimes, that I see this. But maybe there is something unseen, maybe, after this life, a spiritual second life. An eternal life. Which can be good. Or bad. Unless you have known the one God, and His Son, acknowledging the Holy Spirit. I have found it good, to fear God. As only He can say where all would go. What would happen, to each soul. He gave me the authority to say, where that church will go. And if those names, I had known. As it was to be, a hope. But I suppose, this means nothing to you. As your name is only Frank, and what am I? Well, if your name was Scott, unfortunately, I’m your wife lol. But i came to the conclusion, you are not. And this will probably not make sense of mean a thing to you at all. But at least, i gave it, my all (: Goodnight. Only God alone, can make things, right. I just knew, I couldn’t be any random persons, bride.

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              1. There is one angel who fell from the sky. His name is satan. I was warned in a dream, he would give his power to a guy, and me, the woman, we would have a strong bond. Something written in history books. It is in the stars, I have seen, and looked. And a prayer was all it took. Because I had loved, no one else. Answered prayer, for his life, as well. But as this one church has only hurt me, persecuted me, and kicked me out. They will go. To hell. That prayer will be answered. As well.


                1. They made me cry and want to die. They put me back into this sad place, God had saved me from when I first arrived. They persecuted me for my faith. They made me feel unwelcome like something was wrong with me. They acted as if I knew random bloggers names. They never told me anything. There are several things, that God will ask them. But I asked Him, for them to know and see, how much pain they had caused me. As if they cared. About me. God loved me, chose me, accepted me, as I was. Nothing hurt me more, than losing my best friend and love. That’s when, I knew, there was a God who loves. And He was pleased, that I loved Him, that there was nothing above. Only Him, will I ever love. But that place, is cursed, and will go bankrupt. In 6 more years, they will bare the consequences, of hurting me, Kalyn. His daughter. And beloved. As any other believer, should think, of themselves. I find my worth Im God above. No approval from anyone. But things, will not end well, if I knew those names, you should have tell. Now you are all, destined for hell. While I loved. And prayed for you. They could not do, the one thing asked to do. Things will not end well, for all of you. I already warned them, and I did all I had to. Forever they will stay, and never see, God’s face. I run my own race. When Chris left me, He was very pleased with me. That was why, He blessed me.


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    I just really liked this poem. It reminded me of my late Cousin, Rick. He once told me many years ago, that back behind our grandpa’s farm, he saw little green men scurrying about. Most people thought he had lost his mind or attempted a great story, but I had always believed him, and still, do to this day. Good Job, Frank Solanki

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