Little Allefly

My little sister, Allefly

With hair of crimson red

Very timid, mousy and shy

A tiny worm can get her scared

She is scared of the dark

Never wants the light to go away

Pretty scared when stray dogs bark

From school to home, on her way

But she isn’t afraid of telling the truth

Nor even afraid to speak her mind

Like the time she broke Anne’s tooth

And confessed to being quite unkind

Nor is she afraid of any bully

Neither afraid to say ‘No’

Like the time Little Wooly

Asked her out for a show

She is neither scared of me

Though I have more numbers to my age

She punches me when we disagree

And then puts on a loving bandage

37 thoughts on “Little Allefly

  1. Hi, firstly thank you for liking my post. I think this poem is fantastic, and I feel am going to enjoy the rest of them, I also think that how you write is a reflection of the person you are or the person you want to become. thank you .. Andy

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  2. Nice. I always wonder whether a poem is personal to a person or just something they think on. I like to do both personal ones and I guess you could call them fictitious ones also. How about yourself?

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