How To Cook A Life Full Of Love

I cooked a special meal for us

With magical ingredients

1 tsp of hope and hard work

1/2 a cup of luck

2 tbsp of chopped romance

500 ml of song and dance

2 large cups of trust

And a 100 g of passion is a must

I soaked hope in water and kept aside for a few minutes

Cooked hard work in 2 large cups of trust

Then grind hope to form a delicious paste

Heated luck in a pan and added the paste

Stirred it continuously till the mixture turned to happiness

Blended song and dance and passion into happiness till it changed colour to peace

Sprinkled a little romance on the top

Then let it cool for some time and take the desired shape

And spread it over your heart

138 thoughts on “How To Cook A Life Full Of Love

        1. I was going to another church before, but idk why people acted so weird while I was there! As if I knew random bloggers names or something. They made me feel very unwanted and unwelcome. Although i tended to the things I could and helped while i was with them. They treated me so weird! I did not like that. I was very upset. And asked God to bring them justice. There was this one guy who was very mean to me. He would say such rude things to me, like I didnt have a soul mate, or something like he knew what God wanted for me? Hahaha. They made me feel so strange. As if I knew random bloggers names. They never told me a thing. It was very upsetting. I was going to this one church. But God told me, it was Egypt. He brought me out of there with such force. With an outstretched arm did He tell me to kill them. As they had made me cry. Question my sanity. And made me feel like there was something wrong with me. They doubted i knew Jesus! They persecuted me in my faith. For believing God had good plans for me. They made me feel like… i was abnormal for not working. For not finishing college and not going back. While God had told me to write. Who am I to question the one God? He said to write, that is what I did. They treated me as if I knew random bloggers names, they made me feel insane. If they do not tell me, bad things will happen to them. I warned this one guy, but I dont know if he heard me. That God was very upset. That they hurt me. Because so obviously, I was no such enemy. They just never got to know me.


  1. gazab!!!! ….yeh tha kya?…..tumharey mind ko check karaana hoga….wahi puraana love aaj itny modern way mein serve kiya hai…… is the main ingredient here(y so?)…..ur dish smells confident… is confident coz the base is trust and u no where mention ur love…..coz as whn liquid bright lava whn spread turns black….same ur dish whn spread ovr her heart it will definitely turn into love……..i respect ur imagination

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