You Are My World

When I look up
I can see the sky
Filled with birds
Spreading wings to fly

When I look down
I can see the land
That holds my weight
While I hold your hand

When I look left
I can see a tree
Full of bloom
It amazes me

When I look right
I can smell the scent
Of bright red flowers
A time well spent

Wherever I look
Whichever way
Is more beautiful
Than I can say

Yes it’s stunning
This pure beauty
But sadly it
Means nothing to me
All I know
Is a beautiful girl
You’re all to me
You are my world

I Was Born To Love You

With every passing second
It is getting clear
The purpose of my life and
The reason why I’m here
Nothing is more precious
Than this time with you
You’re the soil I stand on
You’re the sky so blue
I was born to love you

Just remember baby
To never let me go
You’re the air I’m breathing
You’re the God I know
Fill my lungs with life now
Fill my heart anew
Charge my barren veins with
A spark that I never knew
I was born to love you

This world may be empty
Meaningless and cold
Yet my life’s got a purpose
A meaning I do hold
No force can ever stop me
From feeling as I do
I was born for a purpose
And that goal is you
I was born to love you

My Life Is Incomplete

Let a bolt of lightning
Strike me on my head
Despite its mighty powers
I won’t end up dead

Let there be a flood
A mighty, mighty flood
It won’t be enough
To drown away my blood

Let them send an army
With swords or guns or bombs
They will never stop me
My time has not yet come

If Death herself came knocking
To put forth her demands
I will not obey her
She’ll return with empty hands

My life is incomplete
I think you know it too
I’m not going to die
Until I have had you

Why Should I Wake Up?

Why should I wake up?
Why should I quit dreaming?
I’m not gonna get up
Even if Sun’s gleaming

For I have you by my side
You’re holding me so tight now
I see you smile so wide
Fill my heart with light now

Unaware of things
That are all around me
Like the bird who sings
Or the wind that’s found me

When will this dream end?
Oh it can last forever
So let me hold your hand
We’ll always be together

Now that I don’t care
Of who and what and where
Gonna let my heart declare
Love for you right here

Why should I wake up?
When I’m having all your love
My dream you can’t break up
Not even Gods above

I Wanna

I wanna look into your eyes and forget the world
I wanna hold your hand and connect straight with your soul
I wanna fall asleep besides you and dream about your smile
I wanna wake up the next morning and hold you for a while

I wanna tell you all the little things that I love about you
I wanna be quiet and let our hearts talk to each other too
I wanna walk with you both sides of every street and every road
I want the world to witness our love as we grow old

I wanna mark every breath that I take with your name
I wanna take my heartbeats and treat them just the same
I wanna find the meaning of life hidden inside your veins
The purpose of my existence and everything else that remains

I wanna know with you how happiness must feel
I wanna understand with you what true love could reveal
I wanna believe in you for everything else is unreal
I wanna place my trust in you and forever I will

I wanna write a story, I wanna sing a song
I wanna hold your hand in my hand all day long
And let it make me brave, elated and strong
I wanna love you for then nothing could go wrong

Mystery Girl

She will always be
A dream to me
For I can’t really catch her
So fleeting she is
Get me out of this
I can never snatch her
Would you let me go
Or come say Hello?
I’ll return a smile
We’ll talk for hours
About Love’s true powers
Or may be for a while
Will we meet again
In a transcendental land
Or anywhere in this world?
Or will you always be
Some mystery?
Oh answer me my girl

I Don’t Need Another Life

I don’t need another life
I am going to give you all my love tonight
Why save love for another day
When I’m going to give you all my love today?

I don’t need another life
Wouldn’t that be a waste of this one
If I don’t love you all right?
What else could I be getting done?

I don’t need another life
Your love makes Time seem unbounded
Leaving my whole heart confounded
Why would one need another life?