My Only Aim

In every couple we know or see
Quarreling is nothing new
I know you are there for me
You know I’m for you

It matters not the arguments
We have over petty things
You wear my love like ornaments
I wear it like a ring

It matters not how much we fight
How Ego stakes a claim
I love you and I know it’s right
It is my only aim

I Love You More Today

I love you more with the passing day
I love you more in every way
More than words can ever say
I love you more today

More than I loved you yesterday
More than I loved you back in May
More than I can convey
I love you more today

I love you more than a summer’s day
Love that will never go away
More than I can display
I love you more today

The Sun Is A Jealous Star

The sun is a jealous star
Yes I know it to be true
It burns and seethes with rage
Whenever it looks at you

And it is not the only one
Whose envy is there to see
I am talking about all the stars
Shining in the galaxy

For you, my darling, are
The brightest star out there
Who can match your light and glow?
Who can dream to dare?

Kiss The Fire In My Heart

Let the sparks a fire start
Burn the walls between
Kiss the fire in my heart
Love me O’ Carolyn

Night is still, devoid of light
Watch as the flames arise
Reaching out to a dim moonlight
Glittering on your eyes

Winds blow soft and gentle
Caressing the ardent flare
Your smile transcendental
Drips magic everywhere

If this night should ever end
Let my being fall apart
Touch me then and warmly tend
Kiss the fire in my heart

Tonight’s The Night

Tonight’s the night where we share our dreams
Catch a star
Lying afar
Even if impossible it seems

Tonight’s the night to write stories about
Who we are
Our new scar
And everything that casts a doubt

Tonight’s the night for a new discovery
All in all
With every fall
Our hearts shall make a quick recovery

Tonight’s the night when we learn to love
Stand up tall
Against the wall
Of hatred as we rise above

If My Fingers Had Ink

If my fingers had ink
The winds; a blank slate
I’d write a letter to you, my love
A love letter in the air

Across the waves and oceans
Through the vast forests and seas
The winds will journey to you, my love
A journey to your ears

When the winds do whisper
Words from my deepest chambers
I’d miss the joy on your face, my love
The joy I can envisage

Sleep peacefully, my dear darling
Distance makes the heart grow fond
How far apart can we be, my love
If the same winds envelop us?

Love, Love

If the house seems to haunt us
The devil comes to daunt us
I’ll knock on her door
Till Happiness wants us
It’s love
Love love
Love love

If the world stands divided
Battlefronts have collided
We’ll stay together
For our hearts are united
If dark clouds are descendin’
Night knows no endin’
My armour and I
Your heart be defendin’
It’s love
Love love
Love love

When all hearts are dyin’
When all tongues are lyin’
I’ll keep you safe
From harm and cryin’
It’s love
Love love
Love love

Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love love love love
Love that keeps your heart beatin’
Love that keeps my lungs breathin’
Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love, love, love, love
Love that makes your heart stronger
Love that makes me hold you longer
Oh, oh, oh, oh
It is love
Love, love, love, love

Sara – Part 13/13

“Get off of me”

“First she drops us and then sleeps on us?”

Sara lifted herself from the floor and looked at the boxes of cornflakes lying all around her. “Are you talking?”

“Yes. Of course we are talking. Now get off of us.”

“Wow! That’s incredible. Who else can talk?”

“Everyone and everything can. You wanted someone to talk to you. Here we are. Talk all you want.”