Love Is Blind

Love can never spot a lie
Love can never will to try
To uncover the truth to find
Love is blind love is blind

Love cares not for beautiful things
To Love even toxicity brings
A joy of no comparable kind
Love is blind love is blind

Love will keep old photographs
That give more aches than more laughs
Refusing to leave the memories behind
Love is blind love is blind

Love will leave no stone unturned
Will push you in the wrong direction
It will leave you much maligned
Love is blind love is blind

Love never seems to mind
If the other person is unkind
In not a good way you will find
Love is blind love is blind

I Sit Down With My Heart

I sit down with my heart to write a poem for you
There’s a desk and two chairs and plenty of blank pages
I stare at the keys of the laptop and I freeze
Anxiety and Fear are uninvited guests
They don’t have chairs so they dance around
Sometimes they jump on the desk
And sometimes they jump over my head
It’s an all-too-familiar sight
That is why I have my heart with me today
To drive those things away
And maybe crash them into a sturdy tree
Or even into a building perhaps
My fingers tap the surface and my heart sees it
I need a pat on my back just for sitting there
My heart duly does so
With its hand on my shoulder I begin to type
It is not the greatest first-line
But it will do
Since Anxiety and Fear have vanished
They couldn’t stand my heart
They wanted me all for themselves
I turn to my heart and smile
And then I continue typing a poem for you

An Hour Without You

Clearly I can read my thoughts
They only tell me one thing
How easily to me loneliness
Your absence can bring
My face loses a joyous smile
That I do always show
Whenever I have you around
Wherever we may go
My body lacks that energy
That electric feel
Oh darling when you go away
My happiness you steal

An hour without you feels too long
Too lonely and too sad
One or any other way
I feel empty in my head
In my heart I feel empty too
Aimlessly I roam
On the endless London streets
Without you there’s no home
An hour without you is eternity
How can I survive?
Come back darling straightaway
Your love keeps me alive

Those Who Forget How To Love

Those who forget how to love
Can never remember how to live
Life is very little else
Than the beating of one’s heart
To the soulful melody of romance

Those who forget how to love
Also forget the meaning of life
Forget the joys and pleasures
That true companionship can provide
Life is not meant to be lived alone
Like an island lost at sea
Life’s drink is to be shared
That it may taste sweeter

Do not listen to doubts or negativity
Many a lives have been lost to them
What good could be achieved
By suppressing your emotions?
When you suppress your innermost feelings
You are really choking yourself
To become someone you are not supposed to be

Be brave be fearless
Let not any hindrance upset you
Let not any obstacle frighten you
Give wings to your hopes
Sail across the vast open blue sky
The sky is yours to conquer
Fly fly away
Love like a lover
Ache like a lover
Live like a lover
And forget those who forget how to love

Fill This Year

Fill this year with one fire
The fire sparked by love
No other thing I may desire
From any being above

Fill the months with her thoughts
Thoughts that make time fly
‘Cross a range of cosmic dots
Far beyond the sky

Fill the days with her words
That sweet music to my ears
Sweeter than the sound of birds
Till darkness disappears

Fill the hours with her smell
Scent that’s made to last
The dreamy captivating spell
That only she can cast

Fill the minutes with her sight
The purest joy there is
Joy that pumps my eye’s delight
My soul’s eternal bliss

Fill each second with her touch
As our hearts combine
If time should always pass as such
The year shall go by fine

A Whole Kilogram

If you fail to give me love
Don’t think that I would die
I’d go the nearest grocery store
And a whole kilogram I would buy

If you fail to give me love
Don’t think that I would mind
I’d go to the nearest grocery store
Or any other I can find

If you fail to give me love
I won’t feel less of a man
I’d go to the nearest grocery store
Find the best deal that I can

If you fail to give me love
Leave me without a care
I’d go to the nearest grocery store
You can get everything in there