Common Diseases

You never really know Malaria
Unless you get it
You would not know Chickenpox
Until you’ve caught it
The same thing applies to
Common cold, broken bones
Or Pneumonia or Tuberculosis
Or Diabetes or Asthma
Or even Obesity

No matter how much you’ve heard of them
Or seen people suffer from them
You are never really prepared
To defend yourself from their attacks
When one day you wake up and find
That despite all your precautions
You have been caught

Same holds true for Love


Late last night I was caught
Taken to a country spot
Where they’ve built a brand new prison
Put me in for no reason
It is not what I deserve
A lifetime sentence I must serve
Take on many responsibilities
Marry, have kids, and other duties
Other captives are so glad
Have they all been turning mad?
Who would like to live this scare?
Live a life that’s full of care?
I just want to be who I am
I don’t want to be like them
I wanna get out of this jail
Run away and leave no trail
I must take care to play my cards
There’re so many security guards
On the job 24×7
Calling this place ‘A little heaven’
But no, I’m never buying that
This is worse than ‘Earth is flat’
They’re trying to have their way with me
No judge, no trial, no jury
Give me a little bit of time
I’ll absolve myself of this crime
Then this trauma will be over
And I’ll end up with no lover

Dr. Love

For many diseases they have found cure
About this disease nobody’s sure
Don’t worry, folks — just come to me
When you are blind, I’ll make you see
I’m Dr. Love

When you are struggling with sleepless nights
Your mind’s clogged up with tiffs and fights
I’m the hope when you have none
In a minute or two your treatment’s done
I’m Dr. Love

Don’t be afraid, just let me check
Next time you’re sick, you would be back
You can pay me when Peace arrives
I’m not making money, just saving lives
I’m Dr. Love

Give me your number, give me your problem
Or you can call me, I’m gonna solve ’em
When you’ve fallen deep down the well
I’m gonna pull you out of the hell
I’m Dr. Love

You’re sick with love, so where are you?
Outside my door there is no queue
Don’tya think Love is the worst disease?
I beg you to think twice, pretty please
I’m Dr. Love

If You Promise To Love Me

You promise to love me

I’ll be your left, I’ll be your right
I’ll be your day, I’ll be your night
I’ll be your shadow, I’ll be your light
I’ll be your saviour, I’ll be your knight

I’ll be your treasure, I’ll be your gold
I’ll be your companion when you grow old
I’ll be the story you want to be told
I’ll be the person you would want to hold

I’ll catch you everytime you fall
Nothing can stop us, no brick or wall
I’ll give my heart, I’ll give my all
Each moment will be special, big or small

I’ll be your words, I’ll be your prayer
I’ll be the gentle, playful air
That messes about with your hair
I’ll be the hope, I’ll be the care

I’ll be your blood, I’ll be your skin
I’ll be the heartbeat lost within
I’ll be your defeat, I’ll be your win
Yes, I’ll be your everything

If I Were A Panther

If I were a panther
Then you would be a panther
We’d be together

If I were President
I’d marry you
You’d be the First Lady

If I were a bee
Then you’d be a flower
We’d be together

If I were a drummer boy
I’d marry you
You’d be a drummer girl

If I were born in another century
I’d travel back in time
Just to be with you

If I were a cloud
I’d float across the sky
To wherever you may be

Whatever the circumstances
Whatever the time
Whatever the situation
We would always end up together
We are meant to be together