I Can’t Tell Her

If this was a game
I sure would be lame
Unable to fight my own fears
I shiver in pain
But then she calls out my name
And all of it disappears
My poor heart is not to blame
How can it fight and not fall?
My head’s full of doubt
My heart sings out loud
But I can’t tell her at all

As every day passes by
I say — I’ll give a try
Tomorrow that is for sure
And like yesterday
I let time pass me away
Right through the front of my door
Yes, I’ll need a ladder to climb
My head’s built a huge wall
I’d like to make her mine
Dedicate all my time
But I cannot tell her at all

Now who’d like to bet?
I would live to regret
If my feelings never reach her ear
Thinking how it would be
If she was with me
Holding me tight and dear
It’s not how Love’s to be played
But no rule I can recall
The heart feels betrayed
The head’s too afraid
I just can’t tell her at all

I’m Only Here ‘Cause I Wanna Love You

If the world around you shatters
If you’ve lost a soul that matters
As long as there’s a star above you
I’ll be there for I wanna love you

If your God has come and told you
That Lady Luck has forever sold you
Just remember what I’ve always told you
I’m only here ’cause I wanna hold you

When no face has a smile to show you
Only scorns to spite and slow you
Don’t worry about the cracks below you
I’m only here ’cause I wanna know you

If your life has lost its reason
If your head is locked in prison
When all force fails to move you
I’ll be there for I wanna love you

Love Will Find A Way

Well you’ve locked and sealed the door
You think you’re smarter than before
About this fuss you are quite sure
You don’t want it anymore
Not a person is included
You get yourself secluded
When you act like you’re deluded
And you’re far from being concluded
For Love just needs a sunny day
It tends to have a funny way
To creep in through your window
Cause Love always finds a way

You turn off all the lights
To keep Love out of your sights
That’s how you intend to spend your nights
Because you’re tired of all the fights
Outside you hear the gentle rain
But it only gives you pain
It gets harder to explain
You just don’t want it all again
All the clouds are turning grey
You don’t listen to what they say
No matter how hard you try to stay
Love will always find a way

So quit your weird resistance
Get yourself some assistance
You don’t want it at a distance
It’s the only point of existence
If you’re hurt, then please start healing
There’s no point now in concealing
Open the doors and floors and ceiling
It’s the only real good feeling
Go to a shop and there you pay
Go to a temple there you pray
But find Love in any way
Or else Love will find a way

Love Is That Song

Love is that song
That keeps humming in my head
In the morning when I wake up
Till nighttime when I drop dead

Love is that song
That brings feelings to my heart
Makes me feel all fuzzy
Then refuses to depart

Love is that song
That I cannot keep from playing
Who could control the mind
That nevers hears what I’m saying?

Love is that song
Which is on top of my chart
There is no competition
It has all of my heart

Love is that song
Ha-ha. Yes, love is that song
Who could say it’s right?
Who could say it is wrong?

A Fool In School

There is a force which pulls me
Pulls me close to you
No matter how hard I fight it
It always pulls me through
Makes me stand in front of you
Like a speechless fool
Makes me wanna act like
Or pretend that I’m so cool
But I’m just a fool

When I’m doing my homework
Or studying for a test
All my thoughts are focussed
On things that are not best
This force keeps me from studying
Makes me think of you
I’ve never been distracted
Like the way you make me do
Oh I’m such a fool

In class, I feel so tired
For I’ve been awake all night
This force won’t leave me alone
This force is just not right
I look at her, start dreaming
That’s the force at work
Then I’m caught, detention
Just my rotten luck
Well I’m such a fool

School is not for me now
I think I’ve had enough
I couldn’t fight this force now
It is just too tough
So I sit at home and
Take a white blank page
Take a pen and pour out
All my love in rage
For I’m such a fool