On The Path Of Love

I lost my way on the path of love

From running way too hard

Here and there and everywhere

With complete disregard

To the shoes and sanity

That one must have and wear

For the first were torn and worn

The second needed repair

Then you came and grabbed my hand

Directed me the right way

Pulled me from the dark of night

Into the bright of day

You gave me a new pair of shoes

One called Faith, the other Trust

And asked me to run along with them

I’d never felt such a thrust

Now I need to run no more

I merely stroll and walk

For I have you for company

To chatter and to talk

Away on the path of love

Me and you and you and me

Moving on towards our home

As happy as we could be


Till Heaven Shatters

Tell me baby

What are we supposed to do at all?

Is everything a reminder that we might fall?

I’m not worried

Or may be I just don’t show it

Because what the future holds — I don’t know it

Tell me baby

Where’s that smile gone from off your face?

Let not tomorrow clamour what this day says

I will be here

Whether it’s rain or fog or snow or mist

You’re the reason why I and Love exist

Tell me baby

Is this what really love is?

It can’t be much different from what this thing is

You know I love you

Till heaven is filled with love and it shatters

You love me too and it’s all that matters

Your Entire Universe

I want to be the bright, blue sky

The protecting roof over your head

I want to be the floor and earth

On which you make your cosy bed

I want to be the air around you

Filled with true love and lots of care

The air that you breathe and fill

Invisible yet it’s always there

I want to be your knight and God

Protect you from all harm and curse

I don’t want to be just your lover

I want to be your entire universe

In Your Smile

In your smile

There’s a world

There’s a paradise

I feel free, I feel lost

In your smile

In your smile

All my pain

Find a healing light

My heart is fixed, it is caught

In your smile

In your smile

All my frets

Start to fade

I feel free, I feel lost

In your smile

Just when I start to worry

You then smile and make me see

Just how good it can be

Then I start to realise

All the magic is in the paradise

Of your smile’s size

There’s a world

In your smile

There’s a paradise

I feel lost, I feel free

In your smile