Love You Never Attain

Some love you may have to lose

Some love you may glad to gain

But the greatest love you’ll ever know

Is the love you never attain



I lost my happiness

Lost my peace of mind

My appetite, my self-control

All was left behind

My self-respect was shattered

My ego was badly bruised

Innocence had gone missing

I was alone and confused

Darkness surrounded me except

For a little light from above

When I went diving, falling

Into the abyss called love

That light was all I needed

To help me dig a bit further

There I found a treasure chest

Belonging to no other

I opened the dusty treasure chest

And I was glad to find

My missing piece of happiness

My missing peace of mind

I also repaired my self-respect

My ego was at its best

Innocence was also retrieved

With the gems from the chest

Then I came to realise

That this bottomless pit

Is not as bad as it seems

If you do not quit

Please Accept My Application

Please accept my application

For a job inside your heart

Your heart’s been suffering losses

It has had too many bosses

You need someone to hold it together

I could be that employee

I will work hard and with dedication

I will work day and night

I will never let you down

Never give you a reason to complain

I’ll help you take tough decisions

I’ll steer you in the correct direction

But I do not come cheap

You would have to pay me handsomely

In the currency of love

Love, love and loads of love

What Should I Call This Love?

What should I call this love, girl?

Innocent or pure?

Should I call it heavenly?

I am quite unsure

Should I term it honest?

Should I term it true?

Should I call it unknown?

Oh just tell me what to do

Should I name it profound?

Should I name it free?

Are there more adjectives

That haven’t come to me?

Do I really need to name it?

Does it matter still?

Whatever our love may be

I know, girl, how it feels

Though I can’t describe it

I know just how it feels

Loneliness Loses Again

It’s a pretty good night

To turn off the lights

And spend some time dreaming alone

Who wouldn’t admire

This burning desire

To explore all that is unknown?

O’ you beautiful dame

You call out my name

Sending me all the intricate signs

My desires are burned

My heart — it is turned

When music and love combines

Time is standing still

Her hand guiding my will

Tying me to your charming chain

The night begins to sink

The stars start to blink

Loneliness then loses again

Stephanie From My Dreams – Part 2

Millions of beauties grace the land

Of them, thousands I have seen

But nobody could match the grace

Of Stephanie from my dreams

The sun it glitters, the stars they shine

The silver moon it proudly beams

But they don’t come anywhere close

To Stephanie from my dreams

The bees fly amongst the flowers

A cool breeze floats over a stream

But their charm pales in front

Of Stephanie from my dreams

On every road that I have walked

Under every cloud that I may seem

There’s no mortal ever born

Like Stephanie from my dreams

If mystery was a giant ladder

I’d be at the bottom seam

And atop she’d hold her solo crown

The Stephanie from my dreams