All The Worries

Take me to a place where I can find good in everything

Where the flowers bloom, the stars they glow and there’s eternal spring

If the lord would grant me one last wish, I’d say I’d like to stay

With Him for ever as a friend and never go away

My heart and soul you can keep. I do not need it now

But also take all the worries that are resting on my brow

And free me from these chains that are residing in my head

I am so confused. I know not if I am living or if I am dead

34 thoughts on “All The Worries

  1. We have all been there at on time or another. Very recently it don doned me that I have felt this way for a long time but it wasn’t that things were not right or I had too many demons to fight, after looking under each scar I realised it’s not an old wound that is causing this, it’s me not being able to love myself with all those wounds.

    I can relate to what to wrote and I wish you get to the other side of it soon.

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  2. Smile Frank (: To know the Lord, is to know, He is with you, wherever you go. If it is life and death you want to know, ask the Creator and Lover, of our souls. To me, I have been a gift to see, where it is I will go. That is something I pray, for you to know (: Take care Frank.

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      1. If you are ever in Hawaii, it be nice to meet you! I’ve been going to this one called Grace Bible pearlside, at 11:15am. It is uplifting and there are good sermons. If you ever find yourself in Hawaii I mean (: India is so far away ! If you came here, I would be a friend to you (: Take care, Frank!

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