I Wrote A Hundred Poems For Her

I wrote a hundred poems for her

She loved the first

She liked the second too

But then she couldn’t tell

Number fifty eight from seventy two

Neither did she have a clue

About ‘Diamond Dew’

So I’ll start anew

Change my point of view

And may be write about my nephew

70 thoughts on “I Wrote A Hundred Poems For Her

  1. I loved him enough to have written a million things
    But it would never have resulted in any diamond rings
    He broke my soul in a million parts
    He trampled my hopes and shattered my heart.
    Laterv he met another and they were married
    While I went to college where I Toiled and felt harried ,
    Butt I got my degree and got great jobs on the air
    He stayed where he was, had kids and felt it unfair
    That we’d both persued our dreams but his felt so rude
    So he called me years later and and said hey its your dude!
    I said I’m your ex-girlfriend and you can get screwed!

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  2. Don’t feel bad, my family is tired of hearing the songs I write and my poems, too. If I made some money friends might perk up a little. lol. I get a great deal of pleasure out of writing. I do it for me, it’s my love.

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  3. Reminds me of a saying.”If you write five sonnets for her, you love her. If you write six hundred sonnets for her, you love sonnets.” By the way, I nominated you for this award, because I regularly read your blog.

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