A Monstrous Secret

In the middle of the night
I woke up with a start
When I felt some heavy breathing
Neighbouring my heart

I rubbed my eyes to see
A frightening monstrous surprise
Staring back at me sternly
With two giant wobbly eyes

He crawled ever so close to me
And gave a hideous roar
Everything started to tremble
Even the windows and the door

I stretched my right hand out
To keep the monster at bay
Hid my face between the knees
As I began to cry and pray

The monster took my hand
Shook it a little bit
I looked up and saw him smiling
I was at the end of my wit

O’ the monster was only lonely
He had no bad intend
The roar was his way of saying
“Will you be my friend?”

Yes, we are good friends now
But don’t tell this to my brother
Keep this our little secret
Maybe I’ll tell you another

5 thoughts on “A Monstrous Secret

  1. Thank you for sharing your poem. It was well written. I hope you’re publishing your work. Poetry is a creativity that isn’t easy to pull off. Congrats!
    T. A. Walker
    Free Writer Podcast

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